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Good day
I have problems to find the skills i need to have best time for ME and TE research .
My main research alt have +21mil skill points in Science and if i research the Apostle bpo to ME 8 = 39D 06:15:46
Have the certificates : Material Efficiency Research on V.
If i do the same wit new research Alt alsow certificates: Material Efficiency Research @ V it’s 46D 04:32:40 for Apostle bpo to ME 8. info on the BPO = Required skills (0) if select Material efficiecy research .
same bpo in same structure.
Cant find the skill i need to have same ME research time !

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Metallurgy maybe?

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on both alts Metallurgy @ L5 and same implants

Advanced Industry also V?


Ted Beamer you are my hero .
I was searching in science skills and not in production skills

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Happy to help. Enjoy!

The Skills affecting ME and TE research are:

  • Research - Reduces TE research by 5% per skill level.
  • Metallurgy - 5% bonus to ME research speed.
  • Advanced Industry - 3% reduction in Manufacturing and research times per skill level.

With these skills at max you get around 28.75% Reduction in both ME and TE research times

Researching the Apostle BPO from 0 --> 8 takes 89D 1h 2m 30sec, with all these skills at max and using an NPC station.


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