Measures of success in EVE

I am successful if:
I finished a mission
I built my own ship
I mined mercoxit
I completed an abysmal site
I researched a BPO
I invented a t2 BPC
I sold something on the Market.
I made a tier 4 PI item

many more possible successes thanks to the variety of things to do in EVE.
I have to ask, why do so many players find it unacceptable if we don’t measure our success by the killboard?
The game doesn’t have to be “cruel” , it can be fun in so many ways


The biggest one is

I am successful if:

CCP changes the space I live in to make risk closer to reward and I DO NOT come to the forums and complain like a spoiled child, demanding that it be made safer again.


I’m successful if I don’t play EVE online anymore…

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I have fun.


Can post with my actual ingame toon cause I am not too gutless to stand by what I say.

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I’m successful if I’m able to log in and pursue whatever activity I chose for the moment with an eye toward bigger goals.
I’m successful if I get to learn something valuable when my ship is exploded and my clone is podded out into space.

I’m successful if I feel like hitting the :+1: button at log-off.


And you can apparently dribble.

Especially as these are fictional characters. So you in the guise of your fictional character just got on your high horse about being others using other fictional characters gutless.

OOOhhh someone is sensitive

Yes you are. You are the exact type of person I was talking about.


And you will notice posted with my ingame toon cause I am not too gutless to stand by what I say.

And I actually live in null rather than just pass through.

You will notice I don’t care.

After all you might spit the dummy again.

I am pretty sure I didn’t whine or ask for space to be made safe again. I find the absolute arrogance of a few players to be absurd. If EVE were a sporting event there would be skilled players likely moving a ball around a field in skilled competition/
It is unlikely that you would hear those players berating the fans, the groundskeepers, the people that made the ball, the uniforms, the shoes and all the things that contribute to the sport. For the dozens of players on the field there are thousands of others that provided the items and venue that exist for them to play in.
perhaps they should be showing some respect reather than spewing vitriole

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You don’t care yet you keep replying with your forum warrior toon.

And? I do not care what you think.

If you want I am sure someone can get you a blankey and tell you it will be fine.

But it will not be me.

lol all I can hear is the wails of a weak ass forum warrior toon

Same can be asked of those who hate explosions.

How much isk before youre done?

Maybe it’s just me, but a “success” that was basically assured, as is the case for most of the above, isn’t overly satisfying. I didn’t really accomplish anything, I just showed up.

I mean, researching a BPO? I’ve researched a lot of BPOs in my day and I don’t think I’ve flubbed it even once. You just press the button and wait. It’s not like you’re personally making bold new strides in spaceship material science. You’re incrementing an integer according to a schedule.


it still feels good the first time you do it. if it wasn’t important, why bother having it in the game?

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Does it though?

I mean, I was keenly aware of how little I was doing even the first time I researched a BPO. I certainly was not left with the pride of overcoming great adversity to make that integer bigger.

I would compare the experience to preparing one of those frozen microwave meals that you find in the clinical depression aisle of the supermarket.


These are the only measures of success in EVE worth anything:
I made friends in-game
I did something worth telling others
I created valuable memories that I’ll treasure for years
I gave something back to the community
I made a name for myself, no matter how small
I had an impact on others

When you’re an old(er) man and look back on your time playing EVE, will you want to remember pouring thousands of hours into PvE for ultimately nothing? No, you’ll want to remember the friends you made, the people you interacted with, good and bad, and the ways you made an impact on them.