Measuring success in EVE Online

So what exactly is a successful character in eve online for you guys? In real life we set goals and have a general sense of where we are in relation to where we wish to be. Do you people have certain goals that determine your success? Certain isk goal or certain number of corp mates recruited? Does success matter for you to keep playing?

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I measure success based on my impact on society.


How much fun I have per hour of gameplay.


Ask a thousand people, get a thousand (or more) different answers.

ETA: I have failed miserably in two of my goals… they are rather silly goals but I was sure someone would have helped by now. :money_with_wings: :skull_and_crossbones:

I enjoy playing EVE online.


Are you having fun? If so, success :smiley: Cause it’s a game, after all, so that’s the important bit.


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I don’t play for success. That would kill my enjoyment. I play for advancement, and in EvE there seems to be no end to that.

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I Own one of just about every ship in EVE short of capitals and have the skills to fly them all… Have run missions all over the map. Ran courier missions in and out of low sec and slipped through countless gate camps… Have mined in a hulk (without a permit, afk while watching netflix) and have never, ever suffered a loss at the hands of other players… I have now retired after a long career that started in 2005 from a play style despised by most of you with a hanger full of ships that can never be touched by gankers… That is how I define success.

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Not joining the blue-donut circle-jerk is the sure sign of success.

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“Measuring success in EVE Online”

Sometimes I use Imperial; sometimes I use metric.

–Gadget works with both


The only metric that counts is how much whiny hate-mail you get. The more you get, the more successful you are.

Ask any code agent. They live for that â– â– â– â– .


Probably a multibillionaire ingame of networth in isk, and continually progressing in knowledge and skill and isk.

Until I have 1 quadrillion isk and all jita freighters and jump freighters belong to me and i control this game.

My goal is to have fun. I log in, do something I enjoy or try something new and if I had fun, it’s a success. If I got blown up, it’s a success. If I blow up someone or help friendly ships not to blow up, it’s a success. Quite easy to be successful in EVE that way, only when I log in and do nothing enjoyable before I log back out again I’d call it a failure. I guess that’s why I stopped caring for my planets…

Oh yeah, for sure, I so obviously do that, I mean who doesn’t right?!

::Chuckles nervously::

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What goals?

Success is having fun in the game. That applies to everyone. But different people have fun in different ways.

For me it would be having an impact on other players. Creating/taking part in player driven stories. The butterfly effect. The player agency.

I measure success in EVE in a couple ways:

  1. Did I add anything positive to other people’s experience of the game while I was on?

  2. Did I think up something I find interesting to try out in EVE and give it my best shot?

  3. Did I think of a way to make EVE better even if I know CCP can’t/won’t implement (most) improvements?

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