Need more visual feedback from success

I’ve been playing Rimworld for the last few months, and always felt immense satisfaction whenever I built a successful colony. I’d sit back, zoom out and just watch my colony brim with life for hours. Visually, I could see my success in the game, and recount the memories in achieving that success.

I don’t get that feeling with Eve. Suppose I come back from a successful exploration trip and my hold is brimming with loot. I dump it at a station.

And that’s it. There’s no phat pile of ISK I can stare at, or trophies I could hang in my (now-defunct) Captains Quarters. There’s no log or chronicle summarising my adventures that I can look back on.

Success just feels very “dry”. It’s only numbers that quickly gets forgotten. It’s just bland. The next time I login, for all intents and purposes, it feels as if nothing’s actually changed.

I’d like to see something like a proper 3D trophy cabinet (not the 2D icons that we currently have). Or a bank vault. Just something meaningful to show to myself what I’ve achieved in the game.

Hope that makes sense.

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Success in Eve is what you want it to be. For some people that means having a massive amount of ISK in their wallet, for others it’s a lot of kills on the killboard, in others it’s being able to pilot a supercap. Personally I prefer it this way. With other MMO’s you get achievements and titles and the game will declare you “the ultimate hero of <insert faction here>” just like everyone else who went through the games story/campaign. If someone manages to make a name for themselves and earn something in Eve though it’s because they went out and did it (after getting past the tutorial that is).

Yes it can seem a little “dry” to go through a tough mission and have little more then to see X amount of ISK deposited into your wallet. But remember with any computer games it’s ultimately just numbers that will eventually be forgotten (all games end eventually). What matters is how much did you enjoy earning your reward.

I actually kind of like this in general.

Not that there needs to be anything specific, but the option to have some kind of record of victories or what’s been done over a week or a month or something could be pretty cool.

Plus you could pretty easily combine this with a stats display like X ISK earned in the last month or Y rats killed, and Eve players love stats.

Basically stuff like Kill Marks but more so I guess?

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Success should be measured by looking at how brimming with life your corp citadel is, how many lights it has, how often fellow corp members ships are tethered to it while doing things.
In saying that, yes this would have been a great opportunity for showing some feedback in the CQ, but they would have had to rebuild it from the ground up simply to do this little change.

Maybe the hanger view could show more than just 1 ship, the hanger view is huge so you could see other ships of yours that are assembled and in the same station sitting in storage bays, and a view into your cargo hanger full of stuff. Depends how easy it is for CCP to develop that, it’s not a big thing, but it is a small immersion thing that would help, and it’s even ship related.

But you already have a success “bar” in game. Your ship has the tags to show it. Make pictures and look on your marks of success.

Love the idea of having some kind of charts for the wallet. Some mobile eve apps have it, but it will be nice to have it in game.

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