Trophies for sight seeing?

As to not just glorify profit and killing. Maybe a few little trophies for EVE tourism. ITS A MASSIVE place. And the time and effort put into crafting it all needs to feel the love. Why would anyone journey out of their main zones of operation. I could spend hours in game going on a star pilgrimage. This could encourage the development of more unique thingy in the game. Flying through a destroyed planet. Skimming the rings of a Super massive gas giant. Flying to a vantage point for a amazing Nebula. Space art appreciation. Just a idea.

Star dating and sightseeing? If you build it they will come with selfy sticks in um hand.


Then I could put them all in my trophy case in my Captain’'s Quarters and admire them while I…oh, wait a minute, that’s not going to happen.


thats a great idea fits well with my purposed PI and trade over haul. For a sorta player home on colony. keep trophies. have a room where you store your frozen captured bodies.


Captain’s quarter are getting removed from the game.
He was joking.

While I would like to have something to show for exploring, at the same time you have to considering that if going to X gives you Y, then gankers will camp X to kill you.
All in all I am guessing screenshots of your ship at Y are the only ‘safe’ trophy you can get.


What’s the point of a worthless trophy anyone can achieve easily, simply by warping and probing?

Does your ego really need such shallow, borderline embarrassing acknowledgement for its existence?

Oh, you’ve visited the EVEGATE! haave a trophy! (just like the other 50.000 people)
Oh, you’ve made a thread! Have a trophy!
Oh, ou’ve managed to only make ten spelling mistakes! Have a trophy!

Do you not see how this only serves your ego, but adds nothing of actual substance?


Not a personal attack on you but this is a computer game. It is merely an enjoyable pastime with no inherent importance. Talks of substance ring hollow.


Eeehhhh, I get what you’re pointing at, but it’s not that simple.

Achievements are a cancer, intended to make you addicted.
A trophy is nothing different.

People seek out Achievements, because they seek gratification. It’s all about the ego and the target audience, which has a need for this gratification. That’s why I oppose the idea, because business-wise it’s actually pretty good in the short-term.

Still, for the game itself, it’s really bad. What would happen is roughly equivalent to what happens with Achievements now, or back when CCP tied activity (like running an AB) to skillpoint accumulation. People did nothing else but orbitting rocks and shooting their drones, to gather the respective skillpoints. No one actually just played anymore, so they removed this “feature” again, pretty quickly.

Lots of explorers will know that there’s a list of Achievements to be had, and they will seek them out, just for the perceived, imaginary status symbol aka bragging rights. The ego, again.

And then there’s all those other ego-people, who will also want Achievements for their activities, because “the explorers get them too!”. The game already suffers from CCPs new target audience and we really shouldn’t give them ideas that make it worse.

The tutorials already have Achievements. You REALLY want to see this expanded?

Congratulations! You’ve cleaned your first belt, solo! Have a Trophy!
Congratulations! You’ve destroyed your first battleship! Have a Trophy!
Congratulations! This contract indicates you’ve successfully scqmmed someone! A Trophy for you!

List goes on and on and on …


Thanks for elaborating. I hear what you’re saying now and you make some very good points.


Or buy another container to store them in. Those big ones with room for a few hundreds of them.
And a lot easier to clean because sometimes they don’t stray frozen… :wink:

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I actually like the idea of getting a ‘Date Of Visit’ Trophy for visiting ‘Special’ locations in Eve.

Years and years ago there was a ritual directed to newish players by older players. That ‘Rite Of Passage’ was to go visit the ‘Eve Gate’ and anchor a small secure container there with your name and date on it. There were 100’s and 100’s of those containers all over the system. Was definitely an awe inspiring sight to behold.

Unfortunately all that changed when CCP made secure containers despawn after 30 days of inactivity.

Anyway, I support the idea.

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Funny, my wife was looking at my ship in dock, and she had earlier seen one of the Dotlan maps I had printed. She asked if you could get a special skin that had little symbols from each system you’d visited. Kind of like the folks who have travel campers have little icons for each state of the US that they’ve visited.

For some folks, I image the skin would be nothing but systems…


Sounds like a fun idea! I also approve of adding interesting things to do that are not just about maximizing profit, or violence and destruction.

It’s a beautiful universe, and more incentive to explore it is awesome :smiley:


I like the visit trophies and such. Like kill marks on a ship but for WHs explored or systems visited on exploration ships.

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i disagree. there is faulty logic behind this statement.

incentives are for people who don’t want to explore. they want incentives and rewards. you want to explore and likely the rewards, but when you have to give incentives, then people stop doing the content for the content’s sake. Those only seeking rewards will eventually drive you away.

they’re comparable to parasites, who will suck the value out of your drops, too.

Trophies are a form of “The Agency”, which whole point of existence is to bait people into doing tasks for rewards. People who need to be incentivized do not want to play for playing’s sake. It is actually a much bigger topic than “woohoo more rewards” and happiness for everyone.

incentives eventually have to be increased, due to saturation/tolerance level. not only that, more people will demand incentives, because “the explorers get them too!”. worse, people don’t actually create new communities or join them, because they’re farmers first. see also: lowsec plex farmers who ruin it for everyone who actually plays it for the content.

Please do not believe that baiting anyone into playing something they wouldn’t play without is actually a good thing. it really isn’t.

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I have to immensely disagree with you on this. The main part of this is for the Role Play immersion aspect in the game, something that use to be very big in Eve years ago which was promoted by CCP.

Case in point: The Arek’Jaalan Project

This was a CCP role-play Event that had players gather resources for a Dr. Hilen Tukoss (played by CCP Dropbear) to build ‘Site One’ in Eram system specializing in researching New Eden history and wormholes. Within a few weeks all of the materials were gathered by Capsuleers within the specified time frame and the site was completed. Dr. Tukoss then created a variety of research projects, conducted by Capsuleers, to study various things in Eve such as Talocan relics, Sleeper history, and Rogue Drones.

Many research projects were completed and more projects were getting set up to study other mysteries in Eve when Dr. Tukoss and his contacts basically disappeared and stopped responding to Capsuleers. That resulted in no feedback to confirm or disprove any of the completed research projects and due to that players slowly lost interest in it.

Now when you visit the site, you can actually get the reports from it about the different projects which are tangible items deposited into your cargohold to read.

As for this thread topic, being able to collect Trophies from each of the various Tourists Sites in Eve would definitely provide more incentive for players to visit those sites, not to mention even create competition to see who can collect them all. That in itself would also provide PvP players more content since Landmark Tourist sites are located in all sectors of New Eden.

Seriously bro, you need to lighten up and realize there’s more to this game than just pew pew player ships. Most people play games to be rewarded and adding a Site Trophy with player name and date on it is a nice item to collect, especially for bragging rights. Hell, each Site Trophy could be a unique item only for the player who got it by making it non transferable so it can’t be sold in Market.

I envision them as Holographic Chips with a picture of the site showing in their info box with the description starting out with something like this:

Arek’Jaalan ‘Site One: Antiquus’ Tourist Trophy
Awarded to DeMichael Crimson on 8-22-2017 in Eram System, Security Rating 0.8

The Arek’Jaalan Project, created by Dr. Hilen Tukoss in YC114, was a joint effort with New Eden Capsuleers to build a Research Center for the study of …

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit more role play content to the game pertaining to Eve Lore. Especially when it’s done on a more personal level.

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i remember this… i always wondered what happened to it, until it was forgotten.
thank you!

You’re so :point_right::ok_hand: right. i’m seeing this all wrong! i’ve actually spent time in the Ani constellation and found this sleeper stuff somewhere there, leading me to this! it was good and i saw TONS of potential in it! i know about the roleplaying minmatar people … Gradient? Electus Matari?

Please correct what’s wrong, or add if possible. :slight_smile: i’m going down a memory chain and you’re my “rubber duck”. :blush:

  • There’s this suppressed sub culture of actual roleplayers in their truest forms. (Not Yiola kind of roleplaying; well … maybe. :slight_smile: )

  • There were far more of them “out there” five years ago, actually playing in space and being their characters.

  • these roleplayers are generally not in highsec, or at least faction “warfare”, or criminals.

  • there’s this thing about lowsec again. the “red headed stepchild” no one ever talks about.

  • dropbear got fired; why?


can you make a thread about it? that way we don’t have to stop this conversation. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if CCP Dropbear got fired or not.

A few years after The Arek’Jaalan Project in 2011 there was Scope News Videos in 2015 broadcasting strange transmissions from the Doctor stating he was alive and needed help to return, basically requesting Capsuleers to return body parts of a Jovian Diplomat that was killed in Empire space in 2004 Event - write up (Part 1 & Part 2).

A few months later after the Scope News Videos a group of Capsuleers (I know one of them) found the Doctors corpse and wrecked ship in a W-Hole system. Concord then demanded the return of the corpse and placed bounty’s on those Capsuleers. Eventually they returned the Doctors corpse which basically ended that RP Event.

Anyway, you can find plenty of stuff about the good Doctor such as this article with google search.

Achievements system. There is something like that in EVE.

But I was always thinking something like personal log is better.

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Very true. The more different things to do in New Eden the more players this game has doing those different things and the more content every pilot has. Even if it is “just pew pew player ships” :wink:

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Here’s a thought… Make it yourself! Create the great explorers tribe of ludacris overt spacial travels (GETLOST).

Set up a website. Make a map of common points. Create and give out corp medals for common travels. Also create unique medals for special events. Have people craft stories of their travels for the website too. Collect and suggest travel fits, etc. Even try to figure out ways people could profit from the corp like trying to smuggle out ORE blueprints or the like.

Have the corp be fairly open and well… You have created content.

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