Mechanical Advantage 5 structures on hull


Those silly carebears over in Hek (Mechanical Advantage) have declined RIOTs 15b ransom for 4 athanors and a raitaru.

In effect almost 4b in cores will be available next Thursday/Friday

Raitaru 2022.04.01 00:22
Athanor 2022.03.31 21:31
Athanor 2022.04.01 20:19
Athanor 2022.04.01 20:26
Athanor 2022.04.01 18:10

Half of you are at war with Riot, so just show up blow up some Drekavacs, or take the structure cores.


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Could this have anything to do with the War vs Von Ris (9y vet) ? where a control tower was destroyed last week?

doubtful, they’ve been innactive for 2 years

We only chose clutter, where last history was over a year

Why on earth would they give riot 4 bill rather than 15?

Weird bears.

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