Mechanized Legion Needs You!

Welcome potential new recruits!

We are the Mechanized Legion a relatively small corp of friends who has just been restructured to invite fresh new recruits into our ranks

we prefer fresh pilots but it is not a requirement

we mainly are looking to run
-Mission Running
-Abyssal Deadspace

and dabble in

-Gang PVP
-Factional Warfare

if you are looking to start your career on the right foot then enlist today

,just some general info, While our corporation appears new we had another one that was mainly just our friends that ran for about 6 months but we recently decided to enlist new members. We want to help newer players out and find a group of people to enjoy the game with but at the same time we dont know everything Activity is important to us but we get it life gets in the way sometimes generally we expect you to be online atleast once a week unless something comes up. Also there is a discord for general communications throughout the corp and we prefer every member to be on there.

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