MEEN corp looking for tenacious pilots for NS

Come to Null and join a corp of relaxed, fun, and tenacios pilots who love to have fun as a team!
In Manes Ex Eden Novi, we are a corp primarily comprised of miners and ratters who love to crack jokes while mining as well as swap fits and ideas while we blow up NPCs! Over 2 years of NS operations, and ready to reform and continue to grow even after Blackout!
Whether you are a wolf with battle scars, or a youngin’ looking to start chomping into the game, we welcome everyone!
We require a minimum of 5M skillpoints and are able to fly a fair-decent ship for your career.

Miners - pilot a mining barge Ore/Ice
Ratters -skills for Sansha rats

Being based deep in NS, you’ll be hard pressed to find as abundant of loot anywhere else!

Be prepared to participate on a regular basis throughout the week (at least 2 or 3 days/week or 8+ hours)
So apply to Manes Ex Eden Novi today and let’s pick the ISK from our teeth with the ribs of our rivals!

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