Merc for Hire - Scotfire

Hello Folks,

Ill keep this nice and simple.

I am Multiboxer, with Blops & Eos/Domi pack setup + other skills.

If you are needing extra muscle? I could be the guy you need to help win the fight.

YouknowWhat#2628 - Ping me on my discord for any intrest.



Hi are you in need of a merc corp?
I got one called The Mercenary Association & one that is called : The Bounty hunter association .
Gathering up mercenaries for a future trade hub where these associations can be hired by the public and by my faction.

Can you meet me in lowsec to discuss the op details?

Yo, no I don’t need a Merc corp.

I am a multi boxer offering extra muscle to anyone that has timers etc.

Ping me on discord if you want to work together.