[MERC} Spree Mercenary Group [SMG}


(Selina Kubeq) #181

SMG looking for more corps and bullets to be wasted.

(X Mayce) #182

to the top, again and again!

(Arisha Moon) #183

Hi, i am looking for help, to destroy an azbel in highsec, its an one man corp 4 jumps from jita:

how much?

(X Mayce) #184

bump this

(X Mayce) #185


(Ricky F Digits) #186

These guys will get the gig sorted…always on top of the job with the latest Intel and strategies.

(Serra Caderu) #187

LOL since when?

(X Mayce) #188

Go main or go home

(Serra Caderu) #189

This is my main. My main forum account :slight_smile:

(Pheonix Jr) #190

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…

(Serra Caderu) #191

Eh I took a break at least. You have been pretty consistent still

(Saeger1737) #192

Forum account huh, no balls to post on your in-game account

(Pheonix Jr) #193

you mean I started back up the day the botting allegations surfaced? after weeks of not even bothering to post? “consistent”

(Serra Caderu) #194

Eh if you say so man. Whatever you gotta tell yourself.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #195

That’s not telling himself anything, that’s what happened and now you look silly, I can see how this looks consistent to you because you consistently look silly.

(Serra Caderu) #196

I guess as silly as you guys looked when you were supposed to rebuild VMG since you took it back…but you guys showed your “consistent” alliance running skills and it’s gone nowhere lol.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #197

Im pretty sure we said we retired the name a long time ago, It will bother khrom more to see us have it and have nothing done than to actually use it, and that is the goal here. Somehow for a “Forum” account who spends so much time on the forums you still didn’t know lol. Are you sure the forums aren’t reading practice?

(Serra Caderu) #198

Yeah, you said that AFTER you couldn’t do what you talked about doing. Soon as you take it’s “VMG is now gonna be what it used to be” “VMG THIS” “VMG THAT” …and then you guys fail miserably lol.

(Sol epoch) #199

Bit sexist that! Maybe the poster is female and women don’t have any!

(Serra Caderu) #200