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Balls is a general term of lack conviction for the forums not a sex defining post

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Except khrowdome lost two Vendetta alliances in a period of months so this either is careless stupidity or pure dumb-assness on the part of the alliance management in which natural is apart of…

And now they coincide with botting.

(Lukka Hawke) #203

Also with a count of 8-6 (ex-VMG corps to Pirat corps in the alliance) putting reclaimators to VMG side and lonetrek salvage to Pirat side. At any point if the banhammer drops they can change the alliance exec corp and carry on business as usual. Kinda seems like some people know our russian friends have been naughty.

(Selina Kubeq) #204

I have no idea how spree threads spiral back to vmg, pirat… i mean if people are obsessed with putting us up there with the “No 1” merc alliance. I guess we are doing better than most assummed we would.

Thanks for your confidence, spree will continue on and keep building on our success. We don’t have plans to go anywhere.

Fly safe and waste bullets

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However you want to spin it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Please keep this thread on topic. If you guys want to talk trash, head over to C&P.

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Didn’t we get kicked out of C&P and banished here?

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How did the Order of Allied Knight’s Fortizar treat you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

(Selina Kubeq) #211

It was alot of fun 3 parties showed up to defend it with alot of fire power. A cancer fleet of scorps also where brought.

We will try again when i have more time of work. Spree is in it for the long haul. All ship losses where fully SRPed. So no major concerns.

We could have left but decided to take the fight, like we do most of the time. Unlike other mercs and alliances, we will take fights we are not guaranteed to win.

Win or lose. There are lessons to be learned.

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rise and shine

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X mayce! What’s up buddy!

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