[MERC} Spree Mercenary Group [SMG}

(Doctor Per) #221

You guys should join us from time to time to kill pirat dumbs)

(Selina Kubeq) #222

Spree had plans to slow down and take a back seat for a while. However, the other directors decided to rob the alliance/Corp wallets rather than step up to lead.

I had a great time doing this, shame it ended in the bad way. I wish all our clients the best and anyone left in the merc world a happy expansion to your business, plenty of isk to be made.

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(Natural CloneKiller) #223

Sorry to hear this. That is low and tbh not the sort of people you should chill out with. People show their true colours in this type of activity.

(Selina Kubeq) #224

Cheers NC, Rl was getting busy hence the back seat. I expect once it quietens down again i’ll be back 6 months time and give you all a run for your money again :stuck_out_tongue:

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(Azazul) #225

I’m sorry, Selina, unfortunately things that happen … bad but they happen. We look forward to your return to play together again in good fights!

(Serra Caderu) #226

Midget gems is my bro! Was all planned long term :slight_smile:

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(Saeger1737) #227

No proof your basically just jumping on a bandwagon.

(Pheonix Jr) #228

natural only feels bad because he himself knows what it’s like to suddenly be evicted from his home alliance late one evening while the pinnacle of “how to be complete trash” stood watch with only one job - anthro

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(Selina Kubeq) #229

O i didn’t get evicted i tried to step down and let someone else lead for a while. Things just went sideways and nobody else wanted the responcability.

I’ll be back, the spree will return. I mean someones gotta come and teach these “elite” pvpers what respecting a contract is.

:stuck_out_tongue: <3 all

(Mitch Taylor) #230

:frowning: sorry to hear