Mercenaries - A good idea?

Gankers always attack first. Please read the initial post to view the key info.

Please read the initial post with the updated info on mercs.

There’s a part about concord involvement.

A few of you are reading too quickly.

No, a fair few of us a reading far enough to realise the entire thing is a farrago of nonsense*, and not bothering to read any further…

  • so much more polite than the ‘load of bollocks’ I initially typed…

You know, it’s wise if you don’t have any counter points to just not reply. Regardless of what your feelings tell you, just saying “no idea bad” isn’t exactly working in your favor.

Perhaps you should read the thread again.

I do wonder if you are trying to make it too complicated.
Would it not be simpler to have a few options, such as mercs on patrol, mercs on defense, or mercs on fleet/formation/wingman duty?
You simply get a merc or however many of them that join your squad and follow broadcasts. Simple, easy and most of the backend is already there.

You would need a way to keep them flying with you, so formations for members in fleet would be a way to resolve that.
This would also be a good way to implement a fleet formation setup, as it stands we have nothing and that’s pretty stupid for a space game.

Fleet mercenaries would affect the game too much I think.

I dunno. I can’t see CCP allowing that much freedom.

Fair enough Kaylee.

I don’t think allowing mercs to join fleets would be a good idea.

He/she has read it.

Maybe you should write in clear, balanced opinions.

I believe it would be more fruitful to incorporate missions into wars for merc backup - as for player mercs pfft usless unless you run hubs. stay away from hubs you never see player mercs.

Incorporate missions into war decing - War Chest LP do missions for x agent get war LP earn enough cash in for support LIKE - npc miners, attack npc miner in belt support come to rescue depending on LP used = support team numbers strength. We have LP for missions and faction wars wouldn’t be hard to make for War Support. So it cant be farmed have the support have no rewards or drops when killed.

This would be for mining in belts or moons.

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I like it.

Worst idea ever - every NPC for PvP actions is a bad idea

You have to say why.

Then how do you control them? New input window or are they purely automated?

I used to play freelancer and always liked the idea there were ships out on patrol. You could find them or intercept them and kill them, but in eve such a thing would need to be more than just that.

Trust me when I say there are some posters who aren’t posting anything. You found one.

Please refer to my opening post for details.

Not a fan of using NPCs for combat. There are player mercenaries out there.

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Do you really need help with something so obvious? EVE is a player-driven PvP game, replacing players with NPCs removes a key element of EVE’s design. If you want mercenaries then work together with other players to arrange it, don’t whine and cry and demand NPCs to do it for you because you don’t want to have to make friends.


Not only could I probably not afford a player mercenary, they’d probably scam me anyway. That’s the only reason they would be eager for me contacting them.

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NPC’s are available 24x7. Eve Online “friends” are not :slight_smile: Nor would they be interested in doing what you want to do.

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