Mercenaries PVP

(libzix Brest) #1

Dear, I was faced with the problem of finding a corporation to accompany the goods, but to a great deal of chagrin this kind of business is undeveloped in the game. why not in that kind of activity. waiting for answers. with respect yours Libzix Brest

(Karl Poljus) #2

All you need for transporting goods that are worth protecting is a webber(to make you warp faster) and a scout, weaponized escort can’t really prevent the destruction of your probably fragile transport ship.

(Dexter Tripod) #3

Red Frog or Black Frog…let the transportation be their problem. Well worth the cost

(Old Pervert) #4

I use PushX. Regardless, I agree, pay someone else a pittance to haul your stuff for you. It’s risk free for you, at a very low cost.

(system) #5

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