[ MERCS 4 HIRE ] Final Ultimatum

(Naomi Yazmin) #48

I would like to be the 1st to announce that we’ve made a critical mistake in one of our valued client’s structure timers :frowning:

This was an error we made and have not only issued a full-scale replacement we have also offered a full 100% reimbursement and if he or she may choose to hire us again their next contract is 100% free.

To our valued client, we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience!

Kindest regards,
Naomi Yazmin
Final Ultimatum
Accounts Payable Department

(Sylvia syllvia) #49

I am vary pleased to see when a professional body such as Final ultimatum makes a mistake and not only owns up to it but makes it up to the said client :slight_smile: harts to you guys 100%

(Naomi Yazmin) #50

Final Ultimatum is happy to announce that we’ve made a few alterations to our online contracts such as;

  • White-Listed Services has gone from weeks to months for the same price!
  • Voucher Code: FINAL saves our valued clients 10% indefinitely
  • Limited time only our valued clients can now add Voucher Code “THEGRINCH” to save 20% on limited contract services over the Christmas holiday season :smiley:
  • Our Services channel now displays active Voucher Codes as applicable
  • Return clients now save 25% every time!

We’ve also added falling snowflakes to our official website for the holiday season.

Tis the season to be jolly :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dr Drake Ramorayy) #51

Poor excuse for Mercs, you guys give this community a bad name, padding your killboard with suspect kills … at least do some contracts! https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99007531/ even for free to build up your reputation.

Before you hire these guys check their killboard and ask yourself can they really do it , I would speak to Marmite or Pirat first at least you know they will deliver even tho neither have a fancy website.

(Black Necromunger) #52

anyhow, their killboard is way better then your who is non-existant :wink: typical troll comment from Dr drake ramorayy

(Dr Drake Ramorayy) #53

my killboard is very poor :wink: but then i am trying to sell services and take peoples isk. What i am doing is informing people that in my view these services that are being offered are a waste of time and isk.

People can agree or disagree but all i ask is look at the killboard before parting with anything, isk can be hard to come by so needs to be spent carefully.

I am not saying these people are scamming but …

  • no real active killboard vs mercs and/or contarct targets
  • suspected fake mails re contracts to try and gain reputation
  • pretty much only killing suspects

pretty sure another alt will soon post regarding how great these guys are … lets see.

yes you have a pretty website thats better than most thats for sure but you need to start small or free to build up a reputation in this area of EvE and yes a killboard does not show everything but it does show activity, fleet comps, numbers you can field, area of reach and capability over time.

(Saeger1737) #54

Whiny yaosus back at it I see…

(Sol epoch) #55

Has he ever done anything else?

(max Tekitsu) #56

You mean Failed Ultimatum

(Mrs StaresAlot) #57

Looks like failed twice at least https://zkillboard.com/related/30000193/201810201200/ and https://zkillboard.com/related/30000201/201810131300/

(Annosour Amatin) #58

OMG :flushed:

Crazy Guys :sweat_smile: