[ MERCS 4 HIRE ] Final Ultimatum

I am vary pleased to see when a professional body such as Final ultimatum makes a mistake and not only owns up to it but makes it up to the said client :slight_smile: harts to you guys 100%

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Final Ultimatum is happy to announce that we’ve made a few alterations to our online contracts such as;

  • White-Listed Services has gone from weeks to months for the same price!
  • Voucher Code: FINAL saves our valued clients 10% indefinitely
  • Limited time only our valued clients can now add Voucher Code “THEGRINCH” to save 20% on limited contract services over the Christmas holiday season :smiley:
  • Our Services channel now displays active Voucher Codes as applicable
  • Return clients now save 25% every time!

We’ve also added falling snowflakes to our official website for the holiday season.

Tis the season to be jolly :stuck_out_tongue:

Poor excuse for Mercs, you guys give this community a bad name, padding your killboard with suspect kills … at least do some contracts! https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99007531/ even for free to build up your reputation.

Before you hire these guys check their killboard and ask yourself can they really do it , I would speak to Marmite or Pirat first at least you know they will deliver even tho neither have a fancy website.

anyhow, their killboard is way better then your who is non-existant :wink: typical troll comment from Dr drake ramorayy

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my killboard is very poor :wink: but then i am trying to sell services and take peoples isk. What i am doing is informing people that in my view these services that are being offered are a waste of time and isk.

People can agree or disagree but all i ask is look at the killboard before parting with anything, isk can be hard to come by so needs to be spent carefully.

I am not saying these people are scamming but …

  • no real active killboard vs mercs and/or contarct targets
  • suspected fake mails re contracts to try and gain reputation
  • pretty much only killing suspects

pretty sure another alt will soon post regarding how great these guys are … lets see.

yes you have a pretty website thats better than most thats for sure but you need to start small or free to build up a reputation in this area of EvE and yes a killboard does not show everything but it does show activity, fleet comps, numbers you can field, area of reach and capability over time.

Whiny yaosus back at it I see…

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Has he ever done anything else?

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You mean Failed Ultimatum

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Looks like failed twice at least https://zkillboard.com/related/30000193/201810201200/ and https://zkillboard.com/related/30000201/201810131300/


OMG :flushed:

Crazy Guys :sweat_smile:

Wow… a few trolls here… Must be the alts of Borca or HC. Our client was very pleased with the end result. We noticed that our mark ran back to 0.0 to TEST and friends and closed up his high-sec pyramid scheme?

Mission accomplished. Now that space is free for the locals to mine. As we were hired to ensure.

For our clients: Please look at the tears and salt contained within this thread. And know that your target will react the same way. :slight_smile:

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For 2019 we have made a few price altercations and up’d our game for some selected services.
We’ve also added to our service and now support Espionage - Corporation infiltration which had been a high request in 2018.
On some of our selected services, our online contact form will now make war declaration fee’s a mandatory field.
A special thank you for all of our valued clients and returning clients who continue to hire us in making your problems our problems!

I think we need a bump! :slight_smile:

Final is for HIRE! :slight_smile:

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Final Ultimatum is proud to announce we are servicing Upwell Protection for many selected structures across all known space within New Eden.

Final Ultimatum now offers Removal Services for all types of Control Towers Armed/Offline in any space as requested by you!

See our official website for price listings!

BEWARE BEWARE These guys dont do anything there too small of a group and lost most of there key members they will rip you offwarning1

We sincerely apologize for this previous member! Mr. alazarr had once been a member and sadly didn’t understand our chain of command. It was quickly determined by our executive teams to discharge this player from our ranks due to the following reasons.

  • Would buy isk from 3rd party websites
  • Post smack talk on other Mercenaries official forms on numerous occasions
  • Fly carelessly and disregard Corporations authority teams

Just from these reasons alone, we could not have this pilot continue to fly with us in which case he became very disgruntled regarding is unannounced ( immediate ) termination/discharge within Final Ultimatum ranks.

It is in our professional opinion that this pilot as you can read is - unstable, unreasonable and still has very much to learn about respecting other players in any game around the world.
We sincerely apologize for this pilot and would also like to take this opportunity to show the CCP community and to all our current and or future clients a list of contracts year to date.
Please note we base ourselves on client satisfaction and continue to work diligently in catering towards our client’s specifications! We are also proud to mention year to date we’ve had 0 complaints.

However, as soon as our contracts start to free up a bit, we’ll be making certain to pay a visit to Mr. alazarr to conduct proper methods of pvp outside utilizing CCP official forms :wink:

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We are proud to announce that upon submitting a contract with us for services our valued clients now receive a much greater detailed confirmation on top of the ability to click to connect to our support Discord which allows them to talk with us in a confidential manner during the course of his or her contract with us!

We wanted to improve our client services and ensure each of our valued clients would have the opportunity to ask additional questions they might have and keep in direct communication with our agents over the course of completing the hired contract.

To my own surprise shortly after its implementation the amount of positive feedback, additional Intel has been amazing!

Final Ultimatum’s support Discord can be connected to at any time by either visiting our alliance description via Services channel, our official website and or by submitting a contract with us! Our Discord info is also listed at the top of our official form page or simply by clicking
[ Discord ]

We are happy to announce our own Agents can enter in Promo Codes they might see announced or perhaps even find throughout Final Ultimatums Social media pages.

Looking to become a valued mercenary agent with us?
Enter Promo Code [ alazarr ] and receive not only the ability to take down all his structures but a free bottle of Agent shampoo absolutely free while supplies last!

Some shipping and handling charges may apply! :stuck_out_tongue: