Merge the valkyrie and eve forums to a new eden forum

(Bienator II) #1

I have to wonder why eve valkyrie and also dust got their own forums instead of having one forum for all new eden games. Are we eve players too scary?

i know several dust players who became eve players and obviously also the other way around, it only makes sense to keep the community together.

(Rain6637) #2

This is a good way to cross-pollenate

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #4

And now the Dust Bunnies are gone again. This makes me sad.

“This was entirely unintentional, and has been fixed :smiley:

(Rain6637) #5

lol wait did the dust posts get removed too?

(Bienator II) #6

ccp performs best when they accidentally do something right. Unfortunately they noticed it too early and reverted it right away.

at least we know that the communities are kept separate intentionally now.

(CCP Avalon) #7

The posts were removed with the help of orbital friendship cannons. :heart: :guardparrot:

(Rain6637) #8

you could say the dust bunnies got nuked from orbit

(Tau Oneka) #9

It’s the only way to be sure