Old Forums Were the Best Forums

Before CCP allowed Sony to dictate OUR forum content, the forums reflected the cold harsh world of Eve Online. Now, it’s pansy land with maximum 3 responses at a time and chidings for lacerating your enemy in front of the world. CCP unleash your forums, let it reflect the true nature of the game. No more enemy Kumbaya hand holding gamer sessions please.

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DUST called …
… they want their conspiracy theory back.


Please … what the ■■■■ are you talking about?
What happened that made you post this thread?


Brain go Brrr Dzzxt… boom :boom:

That said, despite the stupidity of OP, the old forums, and in particular the original forums, were a hell of a lot better than this anaemic crap… but that’s the march of history and technology for you.


The forum quality is directly linked to the quality of the ISD. ISD here are circle jerk shills that cleansed this forum of the vibrant inputs of years gone by.

Even CCP don’t post here, reddit is the place to be.

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Let’s see how long your evil comment about OP being stupid lasts, will they remove it? I gave you a like because you’re cruel.

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You don’t remember the back lore of the old forums. They closed them down with the Dust/Sony advent. CCP didn’t hide this fact. The actually posted about it.

If it were before 2009 youd be right. I dunno, I would like to see this post, if it exists, please

Didums /hugs

Original forums, if I remember correctly, lasted until around 2011, next lasted until 2017 when this one took over.

Edit: Dust was released in 2013…
Edit2: The old days, when a 30 day GTC cost under 200m isk


just post on reddit, forums are garbage anyway since it’s all filled with kids whining about cloaks and ganks.

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Interesting advice from someone that spends 18 hours a day raging here.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:



The relationship between Sony and CCP ended 4 years ago.

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There is a charm to discussions where you can see multiple points of view, regardless of how flawed they might be.

Reddit is great for the memes and other information, but the echo chamber effect as result of up/downvotes and the nonchronologic response structure means it will never be suited as platform for discusion.

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What was the relationship between CCP and Sony? I totally missed this. This might have been during my hiatus.

Dust 514 was the relationship; CCP were the developer, Sony Interactive were the publisher.


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