Merging Old Account Character into New Account

How do I bring my old character from my 2004 account that keeps showing up like a ghost from the past and make him another clone in my present account?
It’s all under the same person just different login information.

You cannot simply transfer a Character from one Account to another Account. You will have to go through a Character ‘sale’ through the Character Bazaar.

Actually you can transfer the character without using the bazaar. there is a fee $20 or 1000 PLEX.

If you don’t want the old character, you can sell it on the bazaar - it will have value because of its age. the transfer fee is the same and is paid by the seller.

I can confirm this, as I actually did it last year.

Or you can pin both accounts in launcher and use new and old accounts whenever you please.

I’m not even sure how that all would work.
All of my personal information for both accounts is the same.
I just bought a new laptop and in loading up the eve launcher and account it brought up my old 2004 character. Turns out I used a different username for that account.
When I set up the new account this year I missed the username by one letter and it created a new account. So I used the new account as my primary because I have infinitely more ISK and training time associated with this new account than I do with the old account.
I can go to the old account but I have to log out and log back in using that login information.

You can do it from the account management page of the website.

Just need to know both account names, and pay 20 dollars. Then your old character will be transfered to your new account.

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