Meropis Enclave : A home away from home

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen and Boys and Girls of all ages.

We’re Meropis Enclave, part of the Brothers of Tangra Alliance and we have some wonderful things in store for you.

Our Corp is mostly based in Null Sec in the Malpais region but we get around, don’t be surprised if you see us in Low and High.

Does your pod still have that new car smell? Pine fresh – yummy.
Are you a Bitter Vet with a board full of red and green? Good to see you, you’ll have plenty of other Vets to complain with.
Alpha and Omega accounts are welcomed and trained if required.
Most of all, do you want to make isk, lose isk and have fun? Well guess what, we’re all into that.

What We Offer :

PVP of all sizes and types. Experienced and helpful FCs for Corp, Alliance and Coalition fleets. Are you into huge fleet battles – we can make sure you’re a part of them. Do you like small gang roams through Null and Low sec? Yes, you’re right, so do we. We can even get you into fights in High Sec without being in wars or ganking – yes it can be done and we’ll show you how.

Ship Replacement Programmes. If you’re part of an organised fleet and you lose ships, so what? We’ll make sure you get them replaced and you’re ready to go out and do it all over again.

Mining your thing? We put out regular fleets of ore and moon mining with boosts and hauling. A great way of making isk while chatting with your corp mates.

Into ratting? Us too. Plenty of sites for you to show those dirty rats who’s boss. And a great way to make isk while you’re doing it.

Planetary Interaction? Plenty of planets with 0% tax. A nice steady source of income. You don’t know how to do PI? No problem, we can talk you through that.

Buyback and Freighter services for everything you have. Ice, Ore, Moon Mats, loot and salvage, PI products. You name it and we’ll buy it from you. Saves you time and risk from hauling it yourself.

Discord and TeamSpeak services to make sure you can keep talking to all these new friends you’ve just made.

And plenty of other sneaky and secret stuff that you’ll find out about as you stay and grow with us.

But what do we need from you?

A willingness to work with the corp and be part of the team. It’s a cliché but it’s true, you get back what you put in.
We’d like you to be part of our organised fleets, especially the Call To Arms but we understand that you have things going on that doesn’t involve Eve. (Yes, apparently that does happen to some people).
We’d love to see you in our space in a regular basis but you can log in as often or as seldom as you want and you won’t be penalised for it.
And of course, we want you to have fun and enjoy yourself, no point in playing if that doesn’t happen.

If you have any questions join our public channel -M-E- Pub If there’s no one around to help then message Crazy Kybelis or Perian StillWalker and we’ll get back to you very quickly.


Ore buyback?

Full buyback in place for ore, ice and moon mats. As well as anything else you may pick up out in the big black.

With our industrial complexes you can mine, build and sell whatever the market will take. Another opportunity to make some iskies.

Looking for pilots of all skill types.

Looking for pilots of all experience levels.

Looking for pilots with all different play styles

Looking for pilots who fit!

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Some Poems Rhyme
This One Doesn’t

Thanks to everyone for the interest we’ve received so far, still recruiting.

An Alvus Queen goes to a soda machine. It puts in a dollar and gets a soda. It does this again and again. A capsuleer in line behind it asks why it is taking so long.

It says, “Can’t you see I’m winning?”

Still recruiting for fun in the Drone Lands

Why did the drone cross the road?
Because it was programmed by a chicken.

Isk to be made
Isk to be lost
Friends to make
Enemies to shoot

Come join the fun with Meropis Enclave - find us in -M-E- Pub

How do you make a drone laugh on Saturday?

Tell it a joke on Wednesday.

Ready to make some isk and have some fun - come join us.

Great group with an awesome home in null sec!

What do you call a melancholy Drone?

A Sighborg (sorry)

Still recruiting, come join the crowd of friends, new and old, and create stuff, blow stuff up and generally just do stuff.

Meropis Enclave - where stuff happens.

Bumpity bump

Recruitment still open

Ready to step into the deep black, make some isk, make some friends, make some explosions?

Come say Hi in -m-e- pub

Here to answer all your questions just come to -M-E- Pub and lets have a talk!

Free taco’s for everyone who is joining us
Lets discuss the amount of free tacos’s in -M-E- Pub

Free pizza for everyone who is joining us
Lets discuss the amount of free pizza’s in -M-E- Pub first round is on me!

The sun is shining

The birds are singing

The drones are beeping

The explosions are shiney

Come say hello.

Like your add.
will check y’all out tonight.

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