Message about the recent login issues


I wanted to drop by and give you some explanation about the issues that have happened during the last few days.

Shortly after our scheduled downtime on Sunday January 12th our game services came under Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, resulting in players being unable to log in or remain connected to the server. Our teams were fast to respond and the situation recovered shortly after the initial attack. In the past three days we have seen similar DDoS attacks attempting to disrupt the stable environment that we strive for with the EVE Online server, causing issues for pilots across New Eden.

We would like you to know that we are tirelessly working side-by-side with our DDoS mitigation providers, who are also actively collaborating with different network partners, to ensure the impact is kept to a very minimum. We are excited about the new content and are putting all the effort into making sure you can play the game and enjoy what the development teams have prepared for you.

Please let us know immediately whenever you experience any problems by posting on forums, Reddit, sending a ticket ( or hitting us up on Twitter (@EVE_status). In addition, players who suffered losses due to the attacks and would like to discuss a potential reimbursement are encouraged to reach out to our Customer Support team who will gladly investigate the matter for them.

Thanks for your understanding.



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