Message to all CSM candidates from japan

Hey everyone!

I’m Muraku Butler. I am a member of the CSM Japanese translation project.

All CSM-related texts are in English, which is difficult to enjoy in non-English speaking countries like Japan, so together with volunteers we launched a project to make CSM enjoyable in Japan. This will be the second time this year.

First of all, thank you to all the CSM candidates, For your hard wok.

We read all candidate posts and translated them where possible. However, this year, some candidates unfortunately passed on translation due to our HR and time shortage.

This time, we, as translators, were from non-English speaking countries, and some of the volunteers were not veterans, so we had a number of opinions. Therefore, we have decided to post a message here to ask CSM candidates for the next time.

1. When discussing past specifications and updates, please add as much information as possible, such as links to pages that describe patch notes and specifications.

As far as we can go, “why do you have that opinion?” We read it to understand ideas such as this and to think about translation sentences.

However, unfortunately, many CSM posts are based on the premise of veteran people. This doesn’t make sense to people who started in the past few years.

Therefore, in order to understand and disseminate the ideas of the candidates, it is best for rookies and beginners to supplement them with things that will help them understand the time.

2. Please do not use slang, proverbs, personal memes,foul language, abuse in your texts.

This is simple. It doesn’t make sense to non-English speakers, people from different communities, or people with different languages.and Fword and ■■■■ talks dont like many people.

3. When using technical terms or abbreviations, please do not abbreviate them the first time, but add something like “Hereafter, XXX will be abbreviated as XX” (e.g., Fleet commander will be abbreviated as FC).

I believe that not only CSM candidates but also many EVE players and veterans can understand the EVE abbreviation. However, there are still cases where Newbie and casual players do not understand.

If you are truly Newbie friendly, these considerations will be greatly appreciated (as far as we know, these considerations are viewed favorably by newbie).

4. As a translator, it can be very difficult to edit an article after it has been posted, and when the content changes or is added significantly.

If you really want to add or change something, please add it to the list of things you want to do, pledges, etc. from the bottom, instead of changing the sentences in the middle. Also, if you add notes such as Note: and Edit:, there is a high possibility that it will be handled.

5. If you want votes from people outside your own organization who are not English-speaking countries, be conscious of your sentence structure.

Many non-English speaking people avoid reading long texts. Also, if you can’t read the text straight, you won’t be able to understand its meaning. Also, when non-English speaking people write in English, please express your opinions Honestly.

There’s nothing wrong with simply presenting sentences. If you write simply, what you want to convey will be clearly conveyed.

At least half of what the candidate wants to convey is conveyed.

The candidate’s enthusiasm is conveyed through long sentences. Your EVEStories are a lot of fun. However, many people found it difficult to read the text before translating it, as there were a lot of phrases, slang, and Memes.

If future CSM candidates want to appeal the importance to many players, please revise the text a little :slight_smile:

By not using one meme or slang, we can free up time to eliminate one anomaly.


Thank you.

To be fair some of us use the slang and abbreviations so much that we don’t even notice it anymore. A nice reminder like this is very appreciated.



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