Metaliminal Storms should delay local in null like w-space

Metaliminal Storms should delay local in null like w-space

These storms should affect communications.

there is no local in wh space

yes there is, it’s just delayed, if you speak in local there you appear.

I am referring to null and metaliminal storms to have the same effect in local.

It’s known as ‘delayed local’ where you don’t appear unless you speak.

As much as I belive there needs to be some form of local nerf this won’t work.

It has been shown several times now that in every area of the game temporary increases in risk simply cause people not to log in until it’s over. From HS war decs to sansha invasions and even the black out event.

Then do it on a wider scale, the region then.

I would prefer delayed local everywhere but … that just invokes whine.


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… we had it in the entirety of null.

Expanding the area just means more people just stay logged out.

That’s their tough, means their Omega game time is just burning away :slight_smile:

Let them waste their paid for gametime then.

They will get over it.

You do understand hunting is infinitely harder when there are no targets than when targets have local at their disposal right?

So you’re saying W-space has no hunting and nobody dies?

I think we all know that’s laughable and just made up rubbish to not have local delayed.

Go sit in Wspace and see how long it takes for you to be hunted down and targetted.

You still have local, it’s just not until you open yer gob.

Wormhole has permanently delayed local.

Now train reading comp to at least III re read what I said the issue with your idea was and you should have the prerequestet to understand how you’re comparing apples and figs


It means they won’t renew.

They can be replaced. Quitters gona quit anyway.

CCP already replaced a lot of bittervets with other demographics already.

So speaks another PVP ghoul… :roll_eyes:

Lol, I’m actualy not a PVP fanatic.

I spend most of my time roaming and exploring.

Yeah, not like the loss in revenue from black out put ccp into a panic or anything

Yet W-space still exists, that’s not putting them in a panic is it.

Again apples and figs.

Do you really not understand the mechanical and population differences between the two?

Yeah, one cries a river the other doesn’t.