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Is there another sources of buying game time cheaper than 14,95$ / month? I saw on some sites offers with 12 - 10$ / month. Can I get an adequate price for the region from where I live? I saw discounts for 3 month package Game Time at around 30-32 euros in some locations.

CCP can offer monthly subscription, but does also have trade partners where you may be able to buy redeemable codes that you can activate on the main website for the game time to be added.

On a general term, the more months you buy the cheaper the monthly payment is, for example:

CCP’s Subscription Plan

  • Monthly subscription - €14.95/mo.
  • 3 Month subscription - €38.85 (€12.95/mo.)
  • 6 Month subscription - €71.70 (€11.95/mo.)
  • 12 Month subscription - €134.40 (€10.95/mo.)

Retailers that offer GameTime Codes, PLEX Deals, Various Packages are listed here.



  • The "per month"cost of a subscription is lower the more more months you pay “up front.”
  • Keep an eye out for PLEX deals on the EVE online site and on third party sites. 500 PLEX is worth 30 days of gametime.
    – Sidenote: Bear in mind that 3rd party sellers can sometimes be very, VERY slow to redeem in-game. And some are scams. Be sure to verify which 3rd party sellers are “OK”

Important things to note:

  • 30 days is considered a “month” in EVE (regardless of how many actual days there are within any given month).

I prefer paying 12 Month subscription but I usually wait for a special offer. Usually u get additional items like ship SKINs included with monthly subscription. ATM there is no that kind of special offer. :thinking:

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