Metropolis Remix (fan project)

So let’s say you really like Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” film from 1927… so you wonder, how about it was colored? How about it had a soundtrack with music and voice dubbing? How about we made a fan project of it all…?

Dunno how long will it last (Metropolis is under copyright because of funky legal trickery) but while it lasts… it’s another take on a classic.



Good stuff.

When its there, available, it will never be gone in future, no matter the copyright, no matter how many atempts someone will make to take it down, its already downloaded from you tube by multiple people and they will reupload it when its gone.

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Yes, YG’s link goes to “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau Stiftung.” I’ll have to search and see if the guerillas have uploaded another one.

Ah, it didn’t last long… hope it will resurface in different ways.

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