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Over the past 6 months I have spoken with hundreds of pilots in game about the Miasmos. The Miasmos basically has one sole purpose - to haul ore. All players use it to pick up cans that they have jettisoned while mining, especially in a Venture. On many occasions I have gone to get the ore from my cans and get attacked by pirates and have no defense to kill them. Its always warp out and go back, and this takes up a lot of time. I know we can fit one turret on the Miasmos and I have but its not enough to kill rats and several times I have almost lost my ship cause I could not kill them with one turret. I have spoken with many who have lost their Miasmos while picking up cans.

Myself and all the other I have spoken with believe that an extra turret slot for it would be awesome and possibly 2 small drones. That we we can safely fly about and pick up our cans without worrying about being killed by a few rats. This would make the Miasmos much more versatile, and we would not have to try and get someone to fly out with us as escort while we pick up cans. By having the extra turret and 2 small drones we can deal with rats… obviously we cant take on other pilots as we would be destroyed. Mind you it could help as a deterrent by deploying the 2 drones while the we try to escape lol… but that’s unlikely. Its mainly just to help with rats while gathering the cans…

Please CCP programmers and developers… we ask that you would seriously consider this upgrade for the humble defenseless ore hauler.


Max W

The Nereus is the combat hauler, 3 drones and a turret hard point.
If you want some offensive capabilities use that.

I have a Nereus mate… its not an ore hauler.

No. You need to tank NPC? Get Deep space transport. NPC disrupt, they do not scram, so you always can use medium micro jump drive to jump away.

Trade offs, you want a specialized ship for hauling it won’t be able to do other things.
If you want a hauler that has some teeth it won’t be as good at hauling.


Mate… Its time consuming warping in and out… waiting for rats to leave, and this also allows other to go in and raid them or destroy them. Just would be more versatile to be able to kill rats with the Miasmos… like the Nereus.

I miasmos can fit a respectable tank and warp core stabs, all without sacrificing any of its ore hold.

I use miasmos to steal peoples ore. So i know it works fine.

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Why would they have to sacrifice ore hold just to fit another turret? They wouldn’t have to, and to carry 2 small drones… hardly any space needed. Anyway, it was just an idea for the devs, and I would love to see it made possible. I know your all got ideas and fits but I just would love to have my Miasmos with that upgrade, so would many that I spoke with :slight_smile:


If CCP would add the extra turret slot and/or dronebay, you would lose something for it. Less ore-hold, less fitting-room., etc. That’s called balancing the ship.


I’d love to fit an extra gun on my dread too… doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, or a justified idea.

As many others have (repeatedly) said, each ship has strengths and weaknesses. The lack of offensive capabilities in this case is one such tradeoff.

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