Militia in hostile space

I have a toon that’s in faction warfare and I noticed in my time flying with CalMil that GalMil are able to freely roam about in Caldari hisec with little risk. I feel as though it would be better and more immersive if there was a higher risk to flying in enemy space. If local navy ships on gates would pin down and kill enemy militia members in ships with anything higher than a three second align time it would present a much higher danger to going into hostile space and create a higher demand for items in trade hubs other than Jita, possibly bolstering the economy in other areas of space.


Want to put more risk? Grab friends and make it more dangerous. Emergent gameplay not some half assed NPC solution that will only annoy people and bring zero content.

Or they would use neutral, trading alt like any normal fw player since, forever. And more incentives to use more alts is also bad idea


+1 on that

Your toon is trash.


I have a tuna.

Enemy militia do get attacked by NPC’s but really you are meant to be the real threat to the enemy militia and vice versa they are meant to be the real threat to you.

You’re job is to patrol your space and make sure the enemy militia don’t cause problems and their job is to get passed your patrols.

That’s what you signed up for.

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