MIN0R THREAT - C4 [3/2] Wormhole Nerds

MIN0R THREAT [HA1L] is currently looking for explorers who aren’t afraid to get a little bloody. We’re active in the late USTZ (PST) and based in a C4 wormhole system with C2/C3 statics. Our purpose in J-Space is to exploit the resources and content it presents. That said, J-Space is dangerous so you need to be ready to fight for what’s yours. MIN0R THREAT is new player friendly but we request that you have some experience in EVE.

Corporate Activities:
PVP - Sleeper Sites and Salvage - Relic and Data Sites - Gas Harvesting - Mining for magic Sleeper Ore - Planetary Interaction - Manufacturing - ISK ISK ISK!!!

Rules of the Corp:

  1. Voice comms are mandatory in the wormhole chain.
  2. Respect fellow corpmates and alliance members
  3. When interacting with hostiles, be dignified and respectful when you break their ■■■■.

What we offer:

  1. Discord Voice and Chat Server
  2. Pathfinder Wormhole Mapper
  3. Help for new players
  4. Relaxed and mature atmosphere

For more information, join our in-game channel: Red Probes

Let’s shoot POCOs k?

Bob has been good to us so far.

Combat probes? What combat probes?

Cloak and swagger.

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