Mindstorm Experience Packs


The Mindstorm Experience Packs featuring new Expert Systems have been announced! Please use this thread to join the player discussion and share your feedback with us on the subject.

As applied in other discussions lately, the thread will have the Slow Mode enabled for the first 24 hours to promote a more thoughtful player conversation.


Is everyone @CCP drunk

Slomo again. What a discusson are you awakting?


It’s pretty shocking how hard CCP are going on the microtransactions stuff lately, but is in any surprise since they were taken over by PA?

Right, to combat this slow discussion stuff, we just edit the posts over and over again. Op Success!




So, mining barge ES cost 3.99. Mining barge ES with 50 plex cost 6.49. While 110 plex cost 4.99. WTF ccp? You ask people to buy over half less value for almost same price. Gotta milk those newbs…


shame … just shame.


You also get 50 plex. This is a good fix to the potential ship rmt issue. By giving them 50 plex they won’t go to rmt site for the ship.

A lot of 50 plex means a lot less subs for ccp though & a much bigger outstanding server time liability.

At this point i’m not even angry now, just disappointed.


They dislike hearing that their ideas are utterly whack, so they stick on slow mode to attempt to stymie the actual discussion into irrelevance.

I’m also disgusted in that you can buy two skills books in one of the other packages, one for Recon Ships, one for Marauders: Reign Supreme Pack | EVE Online

@CCP_Dopamine - These expert packs are a horrific idea. You, the senior management and the marketing team should feel ashamed of yourselves for trying to milk money out of new players like this.

It would be so much wiser that, instead of charging people money that they get then bored and leave, into actually staying in the game by making such things more accessible. More interesting to get into. It would take not more than a few hours to get even into level 2 of basic probing - hell you could give them the skill book as part of the tutorial. (i’ve not done the tutorial in a long while)

All this microtransaction pushing is hurting your game, not helping it. Do you not see the amount of rejection coming from players of other gaming communities when they see crap like this starting to hit their games? Of course you don’t, because your heads are stuck in some wierd and wonderful land that you can do no wrong.

I have no confidence in the future of this game, nor do I have confidence in the leadership of CCP anymore to make decisions that will positively affect the veteran playerbase in anyway, if this current model is going to continue.


You guys don’t got it, they wants us to pay for miner alts to fill the lack of minerals in new eden.
Skip all this fluff and sell morphite packs directly. As gold diggers, be a real one.

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Look. If you want to both make a lot of money and kill the game entirely - at least sell us something along the lines of private instanced star systems and not this worthless junk


"exploration-themed Mindstorm Experience Packs also contain a fully-fitted Tech 1 exploration Frigate that’s ready to fly, "

It’s like walking down a slope and finding the floor feels slippery


Will these work for alpha accounts, and would it allow alpha accounts with an expert system to log on concurrently?

Imo, Expert Systems DOES have a place for low-level activities such as mining, exploration, and FW (racial frig + dessy expertise)

Expert Systems DOES NOT have a place with the Magic 14. The Magic 14 skill training time should be 1/10th of what it is now or just deleted (reducing by 1/10th seems to be the most efficient way to solve the problem to me).


I gotta say, CCP’s milking department and the new player retention people seem at cross purposes. Generally speaking, the larger the financial barriers you put on new players, the less of them are going to be retained.

At least that what it seems to me from the outside, but what do I know, this isn’t my domain. Maybe this is the path to ‘Eve Forever’, although I can’t really see how from here.

Keep tuggin’ those teats boys!


Found an error with the “ADVANCED MINING PACK” ™ :psyccp:
There is no mention about a valid mining permit. There should be one included the price would justify it. Caplusleers who buy these packs probably do not know about the THE NEW HALAIMA CODE OF CONDUCT. There should be a copy of it send per email in all languages. Dont buy it, it is not worth it. 0/10 No headpats for CCP.


At this point, I feel like being angry is just the bare minimum.

The way Pearl Abyss is transforming the game into forcing CCP to go hard on the micro-transaction route is just disheartening. Not only the value of these things isn’t there, at all, but the idea that a flow of items are just being pushed into the game out of thin air, again, is just another slap in the face of one of the most fundamental building blocks of EVE: what you fly is built by someone in-game.

What is next? Mission running fitted Battleships? That Golem for £8.99 to go with your skill book? Maybe a carrier to fight in that big battle our server isn’t going to be able to actually sustain?

We’re past the concept of slippery slope here. We’re just straight up banging on the doors of Star Citizen level of ripping off your playerbase. It’s no surprise this stuff is announced every other day, while we’re still waiting on that promised “end of scarcity” or “resource rebalance final pass”… it’s like your entire developer time is now going and being driven by marketing without any consideration for anything else.

I know the ship sailed long ago about the paying real money for stuff, with PLEX and Skill Points being sold abundantly, but the fact the core of these (absurdly priced) packs is actual FITTED ships that simply will spawn in stations all over out of thin air is depressing. Not like the current state of resources makes producing any T1 ship worth it, but with moves like this you’re simply blasting the industrial core of the game to smithereens.

It’s a sad day for the game. One of which we’ve seen many in recent years, but one that piles up even higher towards you crippling this wonderful game towards the point of no return.


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I like this, skills AND enough plex to buy the ship that the skills unlock. That way it’s 100% aimed at ACTUAL newbies and not just alts like so often. That is probably also why people are whining about it.

I’m still missing a package that allows alpha to use cloaks, like an advanced exploration pack that’s tailored around an Astero. Any packs that temporarily unlock abilities that are normally behind the omega paywall would probably be well received, regardless of the bittervet moaning (most of which don’t even play any more).