Miner Hunting Service



Newbro Brodislav was griefed in the hole, but he knew what to do. Safety. officers were happy to help him seek revenge upon the space bully.

Another contract COMPLETE!

Always happy to help! We aren’t like that other ‘mercenary’ mining service, this is the real deal, when you need the best, hire the best.

Complete? Oh no, you’re not going anywhere. I am extending it.

Another contract complete, thanks to hog for sponsoring my work!

just got killed by them and honestly have to say they dropped me before i even knew what was coming very pro team and dose not take long for them to get the work done i would say under 3 secs from 1st contact to dead

There is only one way to deal with this rot, Miners strike, refused to mine, bring the game to it knees.

Please do, I need easy isk.



If your target warps back to the same location, you will get a second FREE kill - at no charge! All bonus kills are provided as a courtesy service, thank you for choosing Awesome Aiko’s #1 AAA certified DeMining Operation.


I discovered some crystal guys mining gems in a cave today in Elden Ring. They reminded me so much of miners in EVE. So single minded were they in drilling away at the rocks they didn’t even notice me walk up behind them just before running them through with my Carian Sword +5. I guess they didn’t have Tarnished on overview? Or maybe… They were AFK!

+1 great job, fun to see these contracts being fulfilled.

Just letting you know, this service is not reliable. They took my ISK a year ago and have not delivered a kill yet. Either they are scammers or they are incompetent. Either way, not worth your money.


Another contract complete.

The good guys just keep winning!

I’d say both with a touch more of one than the other

Wow, another contract complete!

The good guys just keep winning!

This ‘service’ here is definitely a scam.

WoW, another contract complete.

We get it done, every single day!

WoW! Another contract complete.

Thanks for choosing Aiko’s Best Miner Hunting Service (ABMHS).

You got proof or

The proof is in the pudding. Zkillboard says I’m the #1 miner hunter in the game, highsec, lowsec, nullsec, wormholes, I kill more miners than anybody ever. If you want a miner dead, I’m obviously the one that’s most likely to kill them - I might even do it for free (but payment guarantees results)!

These threads are almost as bad as the annoying anti-ganker bs. Y’all should just stay off the forums and pew each other more often.