Miner Hunting Service

Another contract complete!

Target acquired, and eliminated.


ill pay 4mil to pop some random catalyst, isk transfer made

Wow, another great target, and another great kill.

Thanks for choosing the professional demining team!

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This miner had a BAD attitude.

I was hired to take Jade out, and happy to help my patrons!

Send isk and get your dream killmail today!

The Incursion community was tired of playing with this guy.

They hired a hit, and now he is gone!

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Another great kill, thanks to the HMA for this one.

Need a freighter defreighted? We are here to help!

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This one tried to get away, but we fulfilled the contract.

Contact us today to get REVENGE on your enemies!

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What would it take for you to wear that yellow spacesuit on your avatar?

1 billion isk for dress up.

Nice, we got another one!

Rent the professional team today!

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hi aiko, i sent my million isk but no miner was ganked

That’s because you have to submit your payment to me.

stfu <3

Another successful demining op.

Thank you to our anonymous customer!

Thanks for the contract!


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Miner Fizbang decided to grief in lowsec:

However, Black Claw hired Highsec’s best to GET REVENGE on the griefer.

As always, the MHS is here to serve your security needs!

When we received a report that someone was stealing from mission sites, we investigated and brought justice to Isseras.

Thank you for this memorable contract.

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This miner was mining someone else’s moon and talking trash in local, so they hired the A-Team to step in and put the miner in his place.

Safety agents are standing by!


Nicely done and executed.

It’s always nice to see some trash talking miner, who think they are untouchable because they falsely believe that CONCORD is some sort of shield get dunked and taught a valuable lesson.

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This guy tried to hide in Perimeter, but we just waited for him to undock!

Thanks to our generous patron for reporting this belligerent undesirable.