Miners, Haulers, Trader and Security Forces Wanted

hello. welcome to Syrinx Mining and Shipyard

we are currently seeking an alliance located in the forge or citadel area.

we are a group that focuses mainly on mining, industry, and ship production. if you are a PvP alliance, we can supply ships. currently only capable sub capital ships, hope to do capital ships end of year, beginning of next year.

we are an expanding corporation with plenty of roles to fill with in the corporation. whether you just want to be a regular member, or take a pay position in the corporation, the choice is yours.

we run nearly daily mining ops, and the corporation buys back ore at 105% evepraisal price. we DO NOT do like those other wishy washy mining corps that only give 90%. we feel that if you make money, you get bigger, that in turn helps the corporation get bigger.

new members can receive a free venture, FG, DD, or CA depending on your skills.

contact DKJericho either in game, or by joining our discord and contacting there.




lol, showing miners a killboard? wow





le bump

we are looking for all types of players. pvp, mining, hauling, trading, industry.

All welcome chill crew.

high sec miners needed

I’m interested in joining as Industry and mining.

join our discord.


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look at the dates!!! wtf ya think i am doing?

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