Mini Ship Carrier

(Chris2746) #1

I like all the variations that exist now in the iteron line. I feel they’ve really opened new niches for industrial ships to be used in. One thing that I feel is still lacking though is a sub-capital class carrier. Sort of like a baby Orca, but more transportation focused than the Porpoise.

Since this is built on a normal industrial class frame it should only be able to carry small ships, such as perhaps a Frigate or maybe even a Destroyer, as well as perhaps a couple shuttles. The overall cargo capacity would need to be pretty small though to counter for the space being used as a hangar, so I’d think it should probably only hold 1-2k m3

The primary use case I have in mind would be for newer players who are still getting established with agents, and moving home bases often. This way they can bring most of their gear with them, as well a small ship or two, and be able to use those ships to complete missions, or move rigged frigates easily while getting started.

Other tactics might be able to be used too especially in low/null sec, such as allowing the pilot to launch and take control of a combat frigate to try to fight off an opponent who may have them tackled, at the expense of leaving the industrial undefended/capturable. -Or they could try to run away early in one of their ships they were holding onto.

(Nevyn Auscent) #2

It would be faster for them to just fly their frigates/destroyers and move the few items in the cargo hold of said ships. Because of the warp speed.

(Chris2746) #3

True, it might be faster to just move the ships manually, but it gives users the ability to feel like they’re packing up and moving on, and can serve to be something of a “wow” moment for newer players, especially if it’s available to alpha clones. Why have to wait until you can have an Orca to be able to mess around with ship hangars.

(Dior Ambraelle) #4

Wow! That hangar is huge!
Sorry, I know what you wanted to write here, but 1-2km3 (if you write the “k” and “m” together like this) means 1-2 hundred million m3 - which is basically anything except a titan.

(Valdr Auduin) #5

1-2 km3 (cubic kilometers) = 1,000,000,000-2,000,000,000 m3

(Chris2746) #7

This typo has already been fixed and edited in the main post.

(Valdr Auduin) #8

I was correcting Dior’s mistake, a cubic kilometer is a billion m3 not a hundred million.

(QuakeGod) #9

It would simply make for even more noob tears and even bigger loss when it gets ganked. Instead of losing a single ship, a new player would lose everything they own in 20 seconds…

(Arthur Aihaken) #10

These already exist. They’re called Deep Space Transports and can easily exceed 200k EHP. You can usually fit a Destroyer or Tactical Destroyer plus a few shuttles. They also have several thousand m3 of cargo space,

Other than that there’s the Bowhead.

(Keno Skir) #11

No ship should exist just to wow new players or to give a certain “feeling”. There’s no point inventing a new tool with no specific job just because you “want to see it” and can’t fly a Bowhead / DST yet.

(Dior Ambraelle) #12

I somehow missed a zero somewhere… probably the 4th one from the left. There are too many!

(Valdr Auduin) #13

This is why they added that tool-tip in-game, the digits are too great and terrible for the human mind to cope.

(DrysonBennington) #14

A ship carrier is definitely needed. Something like a small Citadel that is able to use its own warp bridge to cross the vastness of space.

A single ship carrier could transport up to twenty un-rigged and packaged battle ships.

(DrysonBennington) #15

Your comment is irrelevant because you switch back and forth between supporting gankers and supporter non-gankers but you are more inclined to support the gankers.

(Nevyn Auscent) #16

It’s called a jump freighter.

(Valdr Auduin) #17

What can a Titan hold in its maintenance bay?

(Arthur Aihaken) #18

About tree-fiddy.

(Xan Viona) #19

There are already ships in game that do all this…

(Valdr Auduin) #20

Yeah, pretty much agree, but now I’ve got visions of battlebarges built out of carriers, hulls carved up and launch tubes reduced to drone bays to support a flank bay for a full squad or small wing. I really wish DUST514 hadn’t died and we saw way more integration of gameplay.

(Chris2746) #21

Actually there’s a very important use case which I hadn’t recognized until now:

This mini-carrier would be very useful for moving ships in/out of smaller WH (C1-C3) which can’t support an Orca or Bowhead going through them.