Destroyer size industrial command ship

So here it is, there are warp gates that only allow certain size ships mainly in lower level missions, these missions offer roids but the problem is getting a hauler in to move any ore one might choose to mine, many of these missions will not allow an industrial ship thru because mass, so with that;

Nord Hakata (destroyer size support vessel)

3 high
3 mid
3 low

500 m3 cargo hold
2000 m3 fleet hanger
27,500 m3 ore
30,000 m3 capacity total.
40 m3 drone bay / 25 drone bandwidth
Can fit 1 command burst module, 5% drone damage and mining yield per level, 300% bonus to survey range, 100% bonus to tractor range, 20 km range for command burst module.


God, stop with the ‘we need command ships for everything’.
It’s terrible, it brought us some of the worst ideas in the game recently already.
We don’t need a new ship to fill every single niche someone can possibly come up with, some things are meant to be inefficient.


I’m interested in the inspiration for the name

God stop with the static universe doctrine, niche is nothing bad, this ship especially, I can say for absolute certainty you own niche ship, how many do you personally own, how many t2 ships do you have?
See I get your hatred, you don’t do these activities so you don’t give a doodlely do doo, I get that, but ask yourself how does it hurt you?

If it hurts your feelings then all I can say is you are some piece of work, I’d be fine if CCP would just allow industrial ships into these places but why not throw some ideals out there, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the concept just your hatred of anything that doesn’t adhere to your style, please step off my walnuts and stop hating because you think only your way is the only way.

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So you want a smaller porpoise?

Nah. too specialized. Even the porpoise is pushing it.


This is a ship just for mining missions?

Cause everyone else can use a porpoise.

Fly Pontifex with mining link, drop a jetcan, has mining command destroyer with 27.500m³ cargo hold and 5x mining drones and 10x light other drones.

Exactly the Porpoise is an easy to skill into and very cheap starter indu command ship. If you aren´t happy with it, get a BC and put on command links.

How delicious, I just bought a bpo the other day, made a copy and am currently waiting for a bpc then plans to make dozens of dragoons some destined to be sold while others will be made into a pontifex exactly for this reason, mining ops, and am training Amarr Destroyer to lvl 5

Already in the works.

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So not to jump to conclusions…but you did read the post in its entirety, the part about “mission gates” not allowing industrial ships through with the whole mass bit, no,


So… this is purely because you want to take a class of ship that is obviously restricted from being there in the first place? Pardon me for being crass about it, but why the hell are you trying to mine rocks in mission pockets? Even a belt would have a larger amount of ore, in quantity AND variety.

Most destroyers have a total volume in the 50K m3 range. This would result in a ship with 60% of total volume in cargo - compared to about 10% for Orca (including ship maintenance bay) and 15% for Porpoise.

CCP do take liberties with the laws of physics in the interests of gameplay but this seems extreme.

The Endurance is destroyer volume (50K m3) with a 15K ore hold. I suspect this is as good as it gets!

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The better decision is to fix gate permission for missions.

Seriously: those who do such a mission for the first time do not have variety of ships to use, those who has game experience - why can’t they use ships they prefer.

If there are any other reasons why such a small version is needed put them here.

Not good enough explanation of declining. Why do command destroyers exists then?

Why not. Actually we do need a ship for every single purpose, no matter if it’ll be another one or addition to functionality of existing.

You believe that is a good thing, it is not.

Something to be noted:

Mission gates don’t give a toss about mass.

They have a list of what’s allowed, and what’s not allowed.

Explanation is needed in order this post not being empty.


So the ONLY reason for this ship to exist is for those missions. It has NO other use.


Some ships are capable of filling roles quite well without the need for a purpose designed ship.

This is a good example of that. Ventures are pretty nippy and carry a decent amount. Even if you take a couple of trips it’s not that taxing. And the ‘problem’ is isolated to a very niche part of the game.

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