Minimum Target Range - Should Be Part Of HUD

On ratting in half a dozen different ships yesterday, the one thing I found perplexing is why the ship ‘minimum target range’ is nowhere displayed in the ship HUD. I mean, yes, it displays falloff range, etc for each weapon…but nowhere does it display the actual minimum target range. That is only displayed in the ship fittings, which is not really something you want to have to be bringing up in the middle of combat.

It is something vitally important to know before you start charging in on half a dozen ships. We’re in the 230th century, and it is bizarre that Captain Kirk has to rely on a post-it note on the console to tell him his ship has a minimum target range of 60km. One should not have to wait until the crosshairs light up before knowing that is the targeting range.

Tactical hud?

Indeed. Someone’s probably gonna tell me it is already there…but I could not find it.

Min target range? Do you mean max target range?

Indeed I do ! I was going by memory…as Eve crashes if I have Chrome open at same time.

Unlike weapon optimal range, you get direct feedback from the game if your intended target is outside your maximum targeting range in the form of a message that tells you your current maximum targeting range.

I don’t think this information should be static on your screen. You can read it once on your fitting window and when relevant the game will remind you.

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