Mining and Alt's

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I’m just wondering how far I could go with Industry with 3 miners and a Hauler ?
New at this.

Thanks and Fly Safe

Hard to answer. Further than you could with 2 miners and a hauler?.. :rofl:

But seriously, there are lots of variables here:

  • When you say “industry”, do you mean building and selling items, or just mining?
  • Where will you be mining?
  • Do you have plans for adding science and production skills?
  • Where will you be building and selling things?
  • Do you have access to things like moons?
  • PI?
  • Will you be doing your own reactions, invention?

I guess the short answer is that you can get a bunch of ore with that kind of setup (2 exhumers, 1 Orca/Rorq, 1 hauler), but anything beyond that is up to what you are trying/wanting to do.

It goes without saying that all of these accounts will have to be Omega, of course.

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Smells like more ambition to PLEX one’s accounts.

Remember, each toon you bring into the mix is a full account you have to grind for… which means more time just to break even.

However, 3 industrial toons can be very efficient if you have 1 Orca and 2 Hulks. Focusing the Orca pilot on reprocessing and the other 2 on production.

Sounds like you are more in the 2 Covetor 1 Miasmos stage though… Start small, produce small and before you know it you’ll go from providing the locals with T1 Ammo to taking orders for BS hulls. Also, look for indy corps. ‘Save your soul, don’t go null.’ ™

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Depends. If you want to fly a hauler, id go with an orca or porpoise instead, they will be able to apply boosts so that you can mine more.

Otherwise, it depends on which mining ship you use, what your levels are in their respective fields, which ores you mine, etc etc etc.

You can go pretty far. The average would probably be around 15 mill an hour per char, which means you will be making around 40-50 mill an hour for all 3.

Thats about how much my single rorqual alt makes in 15 minutes, but still. I guess its not bad for hisec mining.

Turn that hauler into a booster

Industry works best if you take advantage of the fact that most industrial activities continue in the background and don’t care whether or not you are logged in. Thus, you can have 3 characters on 1 account simultaneously doing research, manufacturing and PI. The character you normally play can be trained for a more active role - mining, hauling, PVE or PVP that requires you to be logged in.

Getting these characters trained to the point where they produce enough income to cover your subscription can take a while and you need to enjoy industry - you’re basically running a business in Eve.

Mining is the hard way - I ran an ice mining fleet with 3 skiffs and an Orca a few years ago and averaged 50 - 60 million ISK/hour. PLEX were less than half their current price but it still took a lot of hours to pay for 4 accounts!

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