~Mining Gnosis~

Alright so hear me out
I am very aware this is a terrible idea
What if i were to take a gnosis fully fit for max efficiency mining
took 2-3 giant secure containers and drop them in an asteroid belt
start mining in high sec
and pick up all of the ore in a miasmos and repeat
if im not wrong this should probably be more efficient than a venture


The Venture has both role and per level bonus that effectively give it 5 mining lasers. Factor in the large ore hold plus the frigate speed & agility and you’ll be hard pressed to do better with a ship that has no mining bonuses.

A Venture needs about 10 minutes per load and turnaround is very fast with frigate speed and agility. You should reasonably expect 25K M3 of ore per hour. That’s not going to make you rich at current prices but, if your corporation runs mining fleets with Orca boosts, you can increase the yield by about 25% and social mining is a lot more enjoyable than solo mining!

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That’s a great idea! It’s classic!
It’ll be far more engaging that way, too!

Go for it, big guy!

If you really want to stay alpha, this is best option. Outmining retriever in raw yeld but you need to jetcan or have friend in hauler/orca

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With max “Bling Bling” it can even keep up with Exumers.


Gnosis cheap mining fit.

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There was a mining rokh thread here sometime ago.

Whatever gnosis mine, a rokh should mine more right? because the high slot.

I’m totally showing up at my next mining fleet with this!

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I’ve used a booster/mining gnosis for gas site mining with ventures. Main limitation is the amount of cargo space it has for holding the gas.

mining foreman burst is new to me will have to look into it

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