Mining in a Triglavian Minor Victory spot

I have an alt with decent enough stats with them to either dock in Pochven or not get blasted by the War Post when in the belts. He is currently in a low sec system and I am thinking about doing a bit of mining there.

Does anyone know if mining in one of their belts will cause a loss of standings, or get me blasted by the War Post?

Just curious. I’d hate to lose standings, being that Pochven is broken and being able to dock is a blessing. Plus I think it would be a major grind to try and regain them and probably not all that worth it solo.

I don’t believe mining affects standings?

You aren’t in combat.

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Thanks. I have never tried it before. Maybe the War Post can help to keep the rats off.

As long as you have Trig standings they won’t bother you.

Rats and other players will however…

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