Mining is getting a little bit better but it's still in the worst state it's ever been

the high security experience for mining is the worst with code or without code it’s pretty crap cuz you don’t just have to worry about them you have to worry about pirate forward operating bases and random invasions killing you too you don’t see them coming sometimes you don’t have enough time to react and you’re basically f***** if you’re in anyting around the size of them mining barge or bigger you cannot align out fast enough to get away so you usually wind up dying even if you’re built for tank and you’re actively paying attention

add some form of Intergalactic warning system like The Invasion is going on in the system give people a minute to prepare to get out the people are AFK will still die

I honestly moved out to 00 cuz I feel safer out there it’s easier to react to players also your friends can respond faster than Concorde

Name checks out.


You have agency and d-scan.


The very title is a troll.


OP must be mining in lowsec…

Always being at the keyboard,watching local and aligned to a station helps too.


Treat events like these that happen and the loss that comes from that as an everyday fact of life, not something you have to prepare to avoid. Wallet tanking is best tanking.

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Concord wouldnt react to fobs.

OP, I don’t think you have a point.

I’m not talking about incursions you do get warning for those
triglavian invasions you do not receive any warnings at all

Yes you do. Learn to Dscan and use the agency.

they do not show up on directional Scan they just pop up

No you can see them on dscan, if you added them to your filter and… Actually dscan.

Very often I see them and go “oh apparently I’m in a trig invaded system”, and then I stop caring because I put in the 15 minutes of time to get trig standing so they won’t nuke me.



Yes they do. Regardless, you can see which systems have FOB in the Agency - Encounters - Pirate Strongholds

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