Warning learn from my mistake

I guess since i use drone to protect myself i get negative status with well an npc corp anyways becareful just got unsalty and well havn’t logged back in but my orca could be gone… oof Anyways

careful mining, NPC can kill you in high sec. players eh they are not hard mode anymore

Were you mining illegally? Sounds like the NPCs discovered you don’t have a permit.

Which NPCs were they? Diamond rats will go after you in hi-sec, but are avoidable if you’re not AFK.

guessing its those they had icons that were diamonds but if thats the case well crap i personaly have to narrow a game style i guess i cannot play anymore =/

The game is very hard to learn. Even today.


i guess its the salt talking but seems a way to keep ppl plexing less mining to up the null and low sec in attempt to keep a few deticated ppl so they game zombies is bad when if they stopped killing off miners with NPC in high sec they could possibly have the market stable itself back out and i dunno get more ppl to play since its not a whos who of who has the bigger RL wallet my mom or your mom =/ … but your right i forget on and off since 03 things changes over the years

All you had to do was look at The Agency and see if there was an NPC FOB in the system, and not be AFK…


Than you should know even better that I. :wink:

How many times has CCP pulled the rug out from under the player base? :rofl:

True, sry.

We all need to do our homework. I lost a bestower to the warm embrace of a trig gate camp. Did all my homework cept for that. I still think I would have got away with a cloak…

there wasn’t time to be afk i just warpped into that belt after clearing 2 others and another one the night before… im salty because i didn’t think it was so easy for npc to whipe such a big ship and nothing happen as where when players do it at least you have a chance for concord… Thus this makes it impossible for me to play if thease are the chances im going to be taking in high sec? so again im wrong of course and i didn’t know about this npc fob machnic that kills such large ships. again more of a learn from me and know not to mine in certain areas but im not playing the game anymore if omega can be killed by alpha and on top of that have the ships they can’t kill easly killed off by frigats in high sec. again salt came back up and i had to look back at this page sorry

Had to pull this gem out of your wall of text - this is my favorite sentence.


I’ve been attacked by diamond rats before while in an Orca. If your Orca is properly tanked, all you have to do is kill their scram frigates with your combat drones and warp out…


I guess I have no idea what diamond npc are, is there a name? I have mined a ton in my eve life, and I have died in belts before, but I don’t think I have encountered such pirates. Either you are making them up, or they are really really rare.


They’re real. Come out to nullsec, and that’s the only kind of pirates I’ve seen there. Diamond rats have a diamond icon next to their ship in the overview.

Diamonds will work in fleets, and are much tougher to deal with.

You can get your standings up so diamond rats won’t attack you. 2.00 and they’ll leave you alone, 5.00 and they’ll assist you in a fight. But it’s faction standing, not corporation


I didn’t know that. I may look into that, since it’d make mining easier.

One might never undock with all the suggestions of what one needs to do before undocking…check your fit, make sure your cargo is loaded or unloaded, check current and local systems on zKill, read the latest patch notes, have a look at local chat, check you skill queue, …probably a bunch of other things I forgot.

FOB’s in hi sec are rubbish.

The only way to get your faction standings up with FOB rats is to do missions for them in NPC null. Good luck with that…


Or, Pay someone to do the missions…

In order to gain faction standing, you have to do the mission yourself. Faction standings are not split with the mission runner, only corp standings…

incorrect… faction standing can be shared via the final mission of an arc.
Depending on which pirate it is, whether or not any of the arcs can raise the standings.

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