Mining ledger, website to process data?

Does anyone know if there is a website where I can upload my mining ledger data and share it with others?

I know that CCP released new API’s for the mining and I was hoping if somebody already took the initiative to create a interactive website to do our mining analysis and evaluation of the ore/mineral markets and etc.

I have done something similar but requires copy and pasting into google sheets. A web-based tool sounds a littl ebetter though is this what you are looking for?

I tried the website, but the search function is not responding.

This is a basic website, but something similar.

I had a website in mind, where I can paste my mining ledger info from a few accounts and then the website will consolidate it to give the final totals mined of ore and value of ore.

Care to share?

Also has anyone added to a sheet pulling the timing of extraction events from the calendar?

Google docs?

Do you have any google sheets which I can review to get an idea what I can use.

I can always do my own excel sheets, but it is time consuming and I don’t have an idea exactly where to start.

You can paste the mining ledger directly into a google sheet, do a calculation, and use a Pivot table to summarize the data if that is what you’re wanting. The subtotal function in Excel can do the same thing but i don’t know if google sheets has that function.

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