Divvying up from the Mining Ledger

Would it be too much to ask if the mining ledger would do a little math…?

Moon goo lasts two or three days. Always three ores to mine.
Everything gets dumped in the Refinery and has to be divided up afterwards.

Our system is that a %age is kept for the refinery owning corp to buy fuel (tax).

So I either have to deduct that %age tax from the total ore mined…
… then work out from that the %age owed to each contributing player…
… then divide that remaining ore between them…
… for each ore, I might add…
… Or …
… I have to individually measure out each ore …for each player …for each session, deducting the tax …for each entry in the ledger… usually three, six, nine or twelve separate calculations per player.

Corpies mine for two, three, four hours per session and then rest and return. The ledger then logs those sessions as separate amounts, separate ores and separate times for each attendance.

So, I then have to add the ore amounts together for each ore, remove a %age for fuel tax and return the remainder into a safe spot in the item hangar for each individual attendance… oh and hangar storage could do with a look at too… (Arkonor has an odd habit of merging itself to itself once separated for too long!).

It would be a lot easier if you could select each players contribution per ore, per player and per session and have the ledger add them together as required, so as you can do a quick deduction for tax and give them back the right amount, tax deducted.

I think I’m making this sound simpler than it is… but I do it every week for the alliance and it is killing Goo mining for me.
Is it me …or does someone have an easier way of doing this using the ledger as it is?

(Found the cause of my consternation: One entry on the ledger was for an alliance mate who was on a different op in the same system earlier on the date… so there was an extra 8433m3 of ore, that threw all the calculations. However it brings up another flaw… there is no time on the timestamp, just date and there is no location for each player/ore/amount… so it was impossible to tell where and when that ore was mined… that could be easy fixed.)

What you wrote sounds like a lot of work.
Do you really NEED to do all that for a mining op?

EDIT: Someone reading over my shoulder asked:
“Why would you re-enact the crap of real life without having the benefits of real life!?”

I could only respond with “This is EVE”.
(somoene said: Keep it Simple… Stupid! - KISS)

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I haven’t tried it yet, but you should be able to export the info to excel. If you had a template spreadsheet, it could crank this out pretty easily.

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Yeah… I haven’t paid for Office 365 yet…

Google sheets is free.

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I’m guessing that what you want is (or could be) part of this most excellent ESI/Google Sheets code base:

I don’t think that @Blacksmoke16 has yet implemented the mining data you need but it looks like it’s anticipated in what he’s produced so far. ( “esi-industry.read_corporation_mining.v1” )

I recommend you ask him in this thread

Even if it takes an afternoon to learn it/create the analysis you need from the GESI-supplied raw data, it sounds like it will be well worth the effort.

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GESI supports ALL ESI GET endpoints. So what you need is available. However as @KenFlorian said you’ll need to do some work as GESI only returns what ESI returns, i.e. mostly just integer IDs.

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I have the computing/math skills of a small rabbit… … \o/…

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Using this toolset requires basic spreadsheet knowledge but not more than that.

Finally got around to looking at the Ledger, if you copy to clipboard and paste into Google Sheets, each column is separated. So all you need to do is multiply by tax rate and sum up.

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