Mining Missions / Ship Rental

What’s wrong with mining missions? I do them all the time. I know there’s not very much ISK in it, but that’s not why I do it. I run mining missions to get my foot in the door with various corporations so I can use their R&D agents without having to ruin my standings with other races by doing combat missions.


Well, you could do distribution missions with a smaller investment and it’s a less intensive activity.

And security missions can hurt your standing with pirates and (more rarely) empire factions. But not with their corps (and it’s corps that are most important). And it’s pretty hard to ruin your standings to actually get shot (which pirates npc’s will do anyway no matter your standings with them).

Ok fine cool,

NPC rental of ships for the mission at hand from the agent himself.
Awesome, can pod over, get mission, rent ship,complete mission, get LP.

Omega Accounts only…Alphas should have to sub to rent ship.

Can you even read?

I’m not alpha.

This is a change to missions for everyone, not an addition for alphas.

The inclusion of alphas in the suggestion is telling them to STFU.

Right, and that’s the point. This would allow everyone to do that without training as a miner. My idea is that if you want to mine as a profession, you need to train as a miner. But if you want to run missions, then there should be a way to run all the missions without having to really train deep into all the professions.

Yes, you can do distro missions. That’s kind of the point. Now if you aren’t a professional miner want a non-combat mission you can only do distro missions, with this change you could then do distro or mining missions.


I’m not sure how it would be locked to omega only, as in game the only distinction between alpha and omega is trainable skills. There aren’t any omega only items or things, there are only items or things that require skills that alphas can’t train. Missions, and therefore mission rental ships, require standings, not skills.

The only way this would effect alphas compared to omegas is a a trial, which should make them more likely to want to upgrade. Unless you are saying that barges suck so bad that no one would want to fly one after they actually fly one. For alphas it’s like a trial or test drive that can’t trash the economy, which is the main concern about giving alphas more. As a trial, it should increase alphas subscribing, unless the product, barges, is a bad product and people will only buy it if they are tricked.

but alphas can do lvl 4 combat missions and hauling, but would take forever doing a lvl 4 mining mission if that’s what they really want. mining missions don’t ad to the market like normal mining as your going in and mining a useless ore that cant refine to anything.

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Thanks. I updated the OP with your points here and some of the other things that have come in the discussion so it’s easier for people who are new to the thread to get the ideas without reading everything.


I really like the things you’ve been doing regarding new PvE content, and your points in the “dedicated balance team” thread. When those guys give you a break from them giving you crap, would you mind looking at this idea that I think could open up some new PvE opportunities?

Thanks in advance,

ok then, lets scrap the idea…

You can rent a ship if you have the equivalent skills of said ship being rented…

Oh my bad, your an alpha…guess its a venture for you then.

Im not sure if you are aware of this but level 4 mining missions can be about twice as profitable then mining hi sec ores atm (after LP), depending on faction of course.

You’re talking about fully skilled players, probably multi-boxing with exhumers and maybe even boosts.

I was thinking of an alpha, renting barges to run these missions. They not only dont mine as quickly as omega, they can’t use mining drones, they don’t move as fast, warp as fast and dont get the same payouts for missions. And thats before paying to rent the barges.

For the fourth time, and second time directly to you, I’m not an Alpha… Can you read?

You my friend get it. If there is any way for this idea to impact the real economy more than running distro missions or mining in a venture, then it’s a bad idea, and not what I was getting at.

The idea is to open up options of what to do, different ways to play and enjoy your time, that isn’t about ISK/hour.

I already do this but people don’t understand it.

Pffft says the guy that claims anyone not mining like him is doing it wrong…

No, I’m doing it wrong, know I’m doing it wrong, and know the right way to earn isk fast and choose not to do it.

Heh, doesn’t sound like the guy in this thread,


I’m in alpha status due to real life funds shortage and time shortage. Doesn’t mean I don’t know where to mine. Doesn’t mean I don’t know what to mine. Just means I don’t have time to right now.

Granted I used to run 250 ice a day in a skiff.

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