Mining MMU (it would make CODE happy, happy)

So just like a MTU one could drop a mobile mining unit and it would mine away at whatever ( ✓ ) ore we set it for.

  1. Give it the same HP as a MTU.
  2. mining amounts (to be determined), but say an unbonused venture.
  3. 27,500 m3 cargo.
  4. Only get a criminal flag for attacking.


PVP, you have people always looking for MTU’s so this would also show up on scans just like an MTU, instead of giving a venture a bigger hold then give people an option to use an industrial ship to use such as the Masimos to mine away.

How will this help PVP?

  1. People are greedy, some may drop more then 1 MMU to mine faster leaving the required space of 15 km from another MMU will give an attacker time to kill it if they drop many, people will leave it mining while they drop off the ore collected only to come back to a pile of scrap.

  2. People who go hunting may become the hunted as other players attack the criminal.

Anyway another El cheapo ideal from me to you :wink:

So basically miners get the benefit of AFK multi-box mining on a single account and no risk to their ships?



Depends how much these things cost. If they’re worth like 200 mil then I’m down for this idea. BTW I think you meant suspect flag not criminal. Also only if they have a deactivation timer so they can’t just park next to it and scoop at the first sign of danger.


You do realize that if they are afk it is more likely that their MMU will get killed, and the person killing it only gets a suspect flag “yellow” but if we keep things exactly as is then the only way to stop someone afk’s mining is to gank or bump them, while bumping them doesn’t flag the perp it is time consuming, while ganking will see them lose their ship and stats (not that they care tho), but roaming looking for MMU’s makes it easier for PVP but harder to afk due to having to scoop it up before it goes boom.

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200 mil for a unit that mines at an unbonused venture, no, the price should reflect the yield, it should be priced about the same as an MTU.

No ‘deactivation’ same applies as an MTU, if a 15 km zone is per unit most industrial ships are too slow to get there quickly if someone starts shooting.

Then no -1.


Poorly (if at all) thought out idea.


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Yeah, that dumb dumb OP always comes up with thick headed ideals -1,000,000 and no, and this post will be removed already :imp:

No the idea is good just way too safe and cheap if it’s just the same price as an mtu. If it mines as much as a venture like you said that’s effectively adding another player to your fleet for each player. That adds up. If they can successfully guard them and they’re worth a lot they would mine a lot more (hulk+venture vs hulk is a big difference) but if they’re just hoping to hide and scoop at the first sign of danger there’s already too much boring blue ball gameplay in EVE.

Imo they should have a reinforce of ten minutes which would allow them to be scooped but they cannot be scooped if they’re locked. This would allow miners to reship to defend and actually create an engagement rather than just a one way harassment. So say you’re in high sec and some guy comes a long and shoots it, now he’s suspect and you guys have to deal with his lock before you can grab it. Anyone who then locked the reinforced deployable would become suspect. If you don’t deal with their locks (via ewar, ship destruction, forcing warp out or forcing out of range etc) then they can linger for ten minutes and fully destroy it.

I especially like this idea because non industrial defense ships would be a good addition to a high sec mining fleet. With enough of a mining crew the stacked bonus from everyone having this structure could pay for the guard’s time and then some. Or you could just take a thousand skiffs with drones I guess.

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Just wanted to wait a bit before answering for more views, I am open to different views however they must be within reason.

You view it as an exploit or potential exploit, a way to have dozens of MMU’s at any one time, here’s what I’ve taken away;

  1. The biggest is people already know that if people can exploit they will.

A. Lock it’s use, only usable by an industrial such as the Masimos.
Maybe a new module such as mining MMU mod that only fits on this industrial.

A. Use of another MMU mod not allowed or needs to use another slot, high, mid, or low up to devs.

There are a number of ways to lock it’s use, just because some can’t see something or look for reason to hate on it doesn’t hold water, if we are going to move forward in game we need to work on ideals instead of just saying no, or being unreasonable or have expectations that are too unbalanced as far as the benefits of such an item.
Until then we are trapped with only NO, -1, and post will be removed trolling which if those types actually had anything useful or independent thoughts they would put it forth, they don’t.

This is stupid. AFK rewards should NEVER be promoted.

And make no mistake… null would abuse the ever living ■■■■ out of this. Next time the moon goo pops, everyone and their dog flies out with 4-5 alts (an average of 4-5) and mines the goo clear in minutes, to sell back to alliance buy-back programs. If you can drop more than one, expect hundreds of these deployed at a time, in addition to the swarm of rorquals chewing the rocks as fast as they can.

Net result is more minerals, more market saturation, less risk because stuff is all off-grid sooner and highly concentrated with heavy overwatch while it’s on-grid.

You’re only looking at highsec, which is by and large the most irrelevant part of Eve.

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A catalyst can’t take down an MTU before CONCORD arrives.
How is that supposed to be fun or interesting?

You mean suspect flag, right?

Yah, suspect.

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