Mining near sinq laison?

well , can someone tell where i can do mining and other similar activities like relic hunting,data hacking etc. near by my starting zone so i can make some money.

You can do that pretty much anywhere. In High Security space you won’t make as much as if you were to do so in Low Security, Null Security, or Worm-hole space, but the risks increase in each.

High Security is by no means risk-free.

You can use the Map and the Agency to see what resources are available in nearby systems.

Click on “The Agency” (first button below your profile pic on the left column), “Resource Harvesting”, and pick an activity you’d like to do. It will show you a list of systems and what products are in what system. The list can be filtered by distance, security status and type of ore.

For relic/data sites, “The Agency” > “Exploration” > “Cosmic Signatures”. It will display a list of cosmic signatures that you need to scan down to find out what they are. How you scan is explained here:

Open the map in EVE, see all those point on the map. Any of those can be used😉

And then some that aren’t on the map, they are called wormholes

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If you like some action, visit Egghelende :wink:
For Data and Relic sites, you should visit wormholes. Get and fit some Imicus Frigs and don’t worry to lose ships, that’s perfectly normal.

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