Mining permit

Why would one get it?

So you don’t get ganked mining in high sec.

Although it is easy to avoid as well.


Ok well why not have a fleet to prevent it?

Most peeps don’t wanna actually play with others weirdly.


Being in a fleet won’t prevent you from getting ganked, however…mining permits are a scam, buying one also isn’t going to stop you from getting ganked.


Aiko’s crew honors their permits. Of course others can still gank you.

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This is something Pirate corps offer for you to pay them not to kill you. You put something stating that you are paid up in your bio. This really only works for that one corp or alliance and not everyone else, and that’s if they hold up to their word… if you trust a pirate.

This does not protect you against the many other pirates lurking around to kill miners. Each corp may have its own way of getting money from you. And if you have something saying you paid a mining permit to say Saftey. alliance, and another pirate group sees you who believe you are in their territory, they will kill you for it.

The best thing you can do is to mine in an area with less activity (people coming in and out) check every player’s info for security status, and even then you are not safe because those with 5.0 security status could still be scouts.

Dock when you see something suspecious. use zKillboard to check people and see if they do a lot of high sec killing. Use the 4 line square at the top left of character info on another player to add contact and set them as Terrible Standing if they are negative status. Do this after checking their zKillboard to make sure its someone you need to keep an eye on. I would go ahead and do this now for the alliance Saftey. if you plan on mining a lot. This will put a red box with a - sign in it on your local chat when they are in the system.

You could pay all of the possible mining permits you can find and still get ganked by someone. So your best bet is to find a less active place where you can remember the names and mark the suspicious. Also, don’t forget to use your Directional Scanner, some people forget to name their ships so you can tell who is doing what.

Also to add, just because someone has a green star does not make them friendly. For instance, the NPC corp someone is placed into when starting the game, in this case, Center for Advanced Studies. If you look at this link Player Killboard, you will see that this person has only a -0.6 but is in an NPC corp so they are a green star for all the people in that NPC corp. Looking at their killboard they are involved in multiple high sec miner killings, one of which was from their own corporation.

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