Mining permits and other "protection" rackets

Mining Permit

I Have my Mining Permit Right Here

Maybe you should sell AikoMarks.

I’m sure @Iceacid_Frostpacker would want them much more than EverMarks and pay in the billions for a single one. :smirk:

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Did you know that permit forgery is a far more serious crime than stealing ore without a permit?

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Frostpacker records department holds zero responsibility for fabricated permits that it’s members produce for inspection.

/FYI Frostpacker holds a Fix all Permit that was covered in thread;
Fines and Fees to play in New Eden Highsec

Nothing wrong with a good toradora waifu pic

Nothing like necroing a dead thread.

Talking about pulling out a very important document from the past.

Fix All permit . @ A D…

Don’t be mean to Lily Flapper

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