Mining permits and other "protection" rackets

Has anyone run a successful protection racket or extortion scheme against ratters and miners? The Sound Of Thunder Alliance cloaky camps Pandemic Horde systems and offers players the chance to be left alone for 8 Mil ISK per day. It’s low enough that a lot of players have been willing to take a chance paying it to see if we honour our word (we do)

How do you run your protection rackets and what prices do you charge? Have your targets tried fighting back or refused to pay and do you need to sometimes destroy a few of their ships to prove you mean business?


I charge 7.99m isk per day.

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Normally I do the murder, but if you distract me with a quality anime waifu image, I’m pretty much guaranteed to leave you alone that day.

I’ve gotten an occasional mining or krabbing permit sale, but honestly it’s been more of a conversation starter than a profitable enterprise.

Here is one of our recent sales.

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Just spat out of Quafe…

We don’t charge anything…quite the opposite. We offer gankees the wonderful opportunity of assimilation and free mining ships. All they have to do is join the corp. A tactic as old as the Roman empire.

You’re not supposed to write “pay the ransom” on the bullets?

That would explain why I never get paid :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes i did read about AO assimilation plans is it a single system or a constellation you try to assimilate at a time

Your just monsters, have you actually given anyone a replacement ship ever or not killed a permit holder in the history of permits.

You open trade while in fleet and receive a replacement ship.

I know 100% that does happen.

I am!


No , that is saving the environment.

And look at what happened to the Roman Empire

Special offer for NEPF, free Aiko Doll with every permit.


No no no it needs the ponytail

Yeah I call fake on that cheap looking imitation knockoff…