Mining preservation charge, with less residue

Mining preservation charge boost is the least used and useful, bought and sold, often passed over for a shield booster. It might be a lot more alluring if it also reduced residue waste from tech II strip miners/drones by some small percentage. I would use it over shields, I hate waste, sometimes I use tech I just so nothing gets wasted, less grasshopping around, more netflix and mining.

All rocks were doubled, so you still mine roughly the same if not more than you did before. Idk why there are people still complaining about waste


But waste feels awful, even if it means I get 120% to 200% out of an asteroid compared to pre-waste mining! /s

Anyway, I do think a small residue bonus on the mining preservation charge boost isn’t a bad idea. With the addition of residue mining has now two stats to optimize rather than just yield. We have a yield-boosting mining charge, why not a residue-reducing mining charge?

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Why not a residue increasing charge for offensive Type C mining fleets?

Then we’re just missing killmails for ore rocks. :rofl:

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Dude no process is perfect with 0 waste. We would live in a utopia then.

(Yes I am aware ore strip miners have 0 waste) :sweat_smile:

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but type b II’s mine faster, it’s very well balanced as is tbh

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I am on the camp also everything is balanced as it is tbh…

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I think mining is relatively balanced as is. I’ve got my complaints about it, but at the end of the day I doubt too much will change. Miners will keep mining, industrialists will keep… industrializing? And fighters will keep killing whatever those two groups make. The (somewhat flawed) circle of EVE.

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All the trolls and instigators moved on as with any EVE patch and CCP knows this.

If you don’t want waste, then use tech I or ORE miners. Never use Tech II. problem solved.

The absolute last thing eve needs is even more ore ice and goo than is already horrendously oversupplied as it is.

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and renters will keep ranting ?

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the rocks have been doubled that’s a load of crock
there’s other mechanics in the game make that doubling absolute bull crap if you mind the same spot multiple days in a row then maximum size of the asteroids are shrunk to the point where they’re at a joke

A ‘load of crock’?

You are aware that the patch notes that introduced Residue as a mechanic did literally double all minable resource quantities?

Well of course asteroids are going to shrink when you mine them.

Saying that asteroids ‘did not double’ because people mined the asteroids is an… interesting take.
Why not mine the asteroids in other places of the universe where they aren’t already mined out?


the thing is the shrinking rate is far greater than it used to be 2 days of non-stop mining the same asteroid belt can completely deplete it down to practically nothing even Adventure can’t mine it without depleting an asteroid under like an hour then they’re full depleted State it’s less than 1% of their full State and it takes like 3 months I think for them to get back to full state in high security space and it only takes two players to do this and the asteroids are definitely smaller than they were in 2016 even in high security space even though a lot of the ores have improved in value it was possible to make close to 500 million off of one asteroid belt in 2016 now it’s a miracle if you can make 300m mining two to three of them and by the way I sell ore compressed I’m using normal strip miners cuz they don’t have waste even back in the day I never really used T2 cuz I was lazy

No. Have you mined in the last 8 years?

My understanding is that ore does not have a fixed rate of replenishment. The universe as a whole has a fixed amount of ore after downtime. Any ore mined in a day is randomly redistributed somewhere in the universe during downtime. In this way, areas that are mined daily may not have much, while an area that has gone fallow for many days may have a bounty saved up, up to whatever maximum the asteroids can contain.

If anything, I would imagine the average replenishment for a field mined to depletion has gone up since NPCs mining in underpopulated areas would be redistributing this rarely mined ore. Talking about the ore in terms of it’s dollar value also doesn’t lend much credibility to the claim that there is less ore volume because it depends on economic factors like what kinds of ore are available in certain areas of space, how valuable the minerals are, and how easy it is to mine without being interrupted. The easier it is to do a job and the more competition you have, the less value the labor put into it will be.

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