Any idea when the new mining changes are being announced?

At precisely 3:43 eve time. The announcement will be delivered through the medium of dance


A watched dev never blogs.


Not before I sell these ships, hopefully

I didn’t go crazy, but I did bet on CCP making mining great again. Guess we’ll find out if I was right to put my faith in them or not.

Just curious as I’ve only been back in the game for a few days (PLEX’d 10 accounts without looking what was going on) and if they are gonna bugger it up even more I’m off to Gundabad now instead of at the end of my game time.

Interpetive?, or more jazz like?. Or is it hip hop?, shuffle?,ball room?..


So if mining changes affected your multibox mining you’d quit, eh?

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Rock dancing, of course.

–Gadget is partial to the Jitterbug


I prefer the quick trot or the fox step


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McCandless Mining Redistributors stand ready to take your abandoned equipment!

Please contract all unwanted stuff to myself or one of my corpmates for collection.

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