[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 18 November 2021

Hello everyone,

There will be an extended downtime tomorrow, Thursday 18 November, where we will be doing database maintenance. We expect that process to be no longer than 5 minutes and Tranquility should be accepting connections again by 11:20 UTC

We will keep you updated on the progress here and on EVE Status Twitter

Thank your for your patience o7



11:15: We will most likely go over announced time. Expect TQ up at 11:25

11:27: Patch successfully deployed and DB maintenance completed. Tranquility is once again accepting connections


we will be doing database maintenance

I wondered what the Janitors were for in my hanger.


is this for the mining changes?

read the post…

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Is this the downtime we get to see the player benefit of these new hardware and database software upgrades?

It still takes forever to load the market after logging in. It still takes forever to load the ship fitting tool constraint hardware/module list.

more terrible scarcity nerfs and cash grabs ?


Plenty of PLEX for sale in the online store, where is this scarcity?

Central banks keep printing money currency supply so there should be no shortage.

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if you don’t know on Nov 13 over 6,700 peeps in Jita local protesting about the mining nerf, I think they were horde. (CONDI) Ti-Di was 10%, was sleeping during that time.


Little computer people.

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ok… … удач во всем и всегда!!!..

You’re welcome, sir.

Thank you for your hard work.



Does anyone actually pays attention to Jita local? I dont… too many spams…:wink:


That’s on your end. I have no delay

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Pretty sure the data comes from them.

The rorqual nerf, not mining nerf.

Doesn’t matter how quickly or efficiently I bring my data to the dmv. It’s still going to take forever on their end.

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Pretty sure it’s automated and not requiring a clerk to enter it onto my computer, also pretty sure my computer is more powerful than the ENIAC.